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How to pay for a simple fault of the employer

Due to the crisis, many companies are faced with the necessity of temporary cessation of activity, and therefore may be a simple entire company, a specific department or multiple units. Therefore, accountants have to apply the procedure as easy to pay through the fault of the employer.

How to pay for a simple fault of the employer

Instruction how to pay for a simple fault of the employer

Step 1:

The legislation does not clearly describe how a simple pay for the employer's fault, so in this situation many personnel officers do not know how to fill out time sheets, and accountants of the company - whether to pay the downtime to their employees and in what quantity. If the activity of the enterprise or a small unit is temporarily stopped, and the director of the company shall issue an order declaring an outage, proceed as follows. Firstly, under Article 157 of the Labour Code payroll for all employees of the company or certain individuals, whose work has been suspended in accordance with the orders of the head, in the amount of 2/3 of the base salary.

Step 2:

At the same time payment of downtime caused by the employer is done according to the average or the average daily earnings of a particular employee. In the event that just keeps from several hours to a week or a few days, first determine the size of the average daily earnings of the employee to calculate on its basis to pay for downtime. Determine the amount to be paid by multiplying the average salary for each day of a particular employee for the number of days of inactivity that are subject to payment.

Step 3:

Second, if your company easy for the employer's fault lasts less than a working day, the payment shall be calculated in hours of downtime using the average daily wage rate the employee. To do this, divide the size of the average daily earnings of the employee the number of hours, falling on each shift, and then multiply by calculated in hours of downtime. Modern methods of calculation downtime payment provides a record of all payments stipulated by the current system of remuneration, with the exception of allowances and bonus accruals in the period unit or the enterprise downtime.

Step 4:

When the salary of the staff member based on the hourly rate, to carry out calculation of funds based on hourly wage scale. Simply, count 2/3 the size fixed in the contract of employment or staffing hourly rate, then multiply that number by the number of working hours per one shift. If you just keep more than one day, this number is multiplied by the number of days when the employee was forced to idle the fault of his employer. Remember that idle time employee is required to record in the time sheet.