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How to pay for sick leave during the holidays

Hospital list is obliged to pay the employee the employer. The amount of money to the issue of disability in the period depends on the time of the expert in a particular enterprise, which is calculated on the basis of average earnings. Last multiplied by the number of calendar days of the hospital. Moreover, weekends and holidays included in their number.

How to pay for sick leave during the holidays

You will need:

- production calendar; - Calculation sheets for the employee; - Calculator; - Employee work record.

Instruction how to pay for sick leave during the holidays

Step 1:

First, calculate the average earnings of the employee. To do this, define the period for which it is calculated. If an employee performs duties in your company more than a year, over a period of twelve calendar months take. And last month, is not included in it. If the specialist is working in the company less than a year, for example, seven months. Accordingly, the period for calculation will they. In addition, convert them to calendar days. Weekends and holidays taken into account.

Step 2:

Take the sum of one year or less period of implementation of labor function employee the amount of his salary. Use this payslip. Summarize the salary for the days of the employee. Throw him a monthly, quarterly bonuses. Note that the one-time payment in this number are not included. Material assistance or allowance at birth excluded from the calculation.

Step 3:

The resulting amount for the period of implementation of labor specialist function, divide by the number of calendar days of the period of calculation of the hospital. The result will be the average salary.

Step 4:

In accordance with the labor legislation of the holidays, weekends disability are paid in full. Number of days the hospital, said in the leaflet disability, multiply by the average earnings of a specialist. Note that the document must be stamped by a medical organization, signed by the attending physician personnel.

Step 5:

Calculating the amount for the period of disability, multiply by the percentage. The latter depends on the total length of service. If the length of the employee less than a year, the hospital paid him at a rate of 30%. When the specialist experience of 5 to 8 years, the employer shall charge him 80% of average earnings. With a total length of service of up to 5 years of paid sick leave at the rate of 60%, and eight more for the experience and the hospital charged 100% of average earnings.