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How to plan time

Everyone knows how difficult it is in the morning to join in the work. It seems that a great deal of cases, and overpower them - is like to climb Mount Everest. However, you can use skillful planning time productively, not a loose while exhausted.

How to plan time

Instruction how to plan time

Step 1:

Try to get enough sleep. On a fresh mind it is much easier to solve operational problems. Traditionally, the first half of the day is considered to be the most productive, but you can understand it only after a good night's rest.

Step 2:

Start with the simple. Do not throw directly into the abyss of complex cases, do not call early in the morning "difficult" client. Follow the simple rule of sport - at first an easy warm-up, and then the main load.

Step 3:

As a "warm-up" approach, for example, analysis of the mail, sorting of the remaining documents from the night before (removed unnecessary), setting up the necessary computer programs to work.

Step 4:

Next, outline the plan of what needs to be done for the day. Do not go into the fine details, or scheduling itself become a difficult task. Importantly, do not forget the ground. Let the plan will be in front of your eyes.

Step 5:

Do not wait for the evening the most complex cases. Try to solve them for an hour before dinner, because in the afternoon performance is significantly reduced.

Step 6:

No matter how strong the temptation to do everything at once, clearly follow the plan. Do not decide for several tasks simultaneously. To succeed in this failed, according to historians, only Julius Caesar. The rest tend to fail.

Step 7:

Arrange breaks, do not skip lunch and replace it with snack at the monitor. After a short rest, you will feel a surge of strength, especially good to go out, not long talk with colleagues on abstract themes.

Step 8:

In the event of unforeseen stresses keep in a drawer light sedative - valerian, glycine, mint tea. Then a nervous conversation with a client or a sudden flash of anger your boss does not knock out of the rut you completely, and you will be able to make all scheduled for the day without bringing himself to a nervous exhaustion.

Step 9:

Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Reasonable exercise trains not only the body but also mental endurance. Made friends with the fitness, you will find that it is much faster to perform its duties and less tired, and the working day planning seem like a simple task.