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How to prepare for the presentation, and glossy

The large-scale presentation is comparable to a serious test. Your performance will keep within a few minutes, but the work is carried out in advance may be calculated even weeks. Careful preliminary preparation will help you come up with shine and make a new step in their career or studies.

How to prepare for the presentation, and glossy

You will need:

- paper; - Dictaphone; - Mirror; - Projector; - a computer.

Instruction how to prepare for the presentation, and glossy

Step 1:

Make a speech plan, define the purpose of your presentation. If it is informative or fiscal in nature, try to include it in the specific facts and figures, no doubt. If you need a follow-up discussion, do not give all the information at once. Write down the main points. Then proceed to the creation of the main text.

Step 2:

Prepare the text of his speech. In this case, you need to focus primarily on the audience. Even if most of the information seems to be interesting to you, think about your potential listeners and their preferences. Dry facts and conclusions try to file a concise, condensed form. Your presentation will be effective by striking examples that capture the imagination of numbers to encourage the discussion of theses.

Step 3:

Think and prepare the aids that you use in your presentation. Be sure to include in your presentation visuals that will make it easier perception. It can be colorful handouts, big posters, graphics, computer presentation that you show on the big screen.

Step 4:

Read the presentation of the test aloud before a mirror or video camera. To control the speech text record on tape. Analyze received. Pay attention to facial expressions, the length of speeches, unnecessary pauses, word parasites. Fix flaws and record again.

Step 5:

Think about your appearance. In selected things you should be absolutely comfortable and convenient. Clothing, accessories and make-up should not divert the attention of the audience. Provide advance all the situations in which you might find yourself during the presentation. For example, you can become hot, so use a set with a jacket, which can be removed.