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How to present yourself at work

Even if you do not have to frequently communicate with customers, at the interview, and later to work for certain required skills of self-presentation. Unfortunately, they can not be developed even in excellent specialists, which often serves as a reason for not hiring.

How to present yourself at work

Instruction how to present themselves at work

Step 1:

Wherever you work, you will be surrounded by a team. To say it about myself, it needs not only to prove that you are good to cope with their responsibilities, but also demonstrate the ability to behave in a group. It is absent in the not very confident, shy people. If that is the case, the first step to being able to present themselves to overcome insecurity and shyness.

Step 2:

If you try to "speed things up" and begin to play a role "her boyfriend"That does not suit you, the situation can only worsen. Try to perceive the new environment not as a voltage source, as well as a friendly place. Think what you like your new job. Try to strike up a friendly relationship with the staff, who are themselves the most open and friendly towards you. With friends, it is easier to be open.

Step 3:

Do not take too seriously to the first failure. They happen at all, and this is not an indication that you are a bad worker. Try to behave naturally as possible and to control anxiety, because often it is completely superfluous.

Step 4:

If your company has a tradition, according to which a new employee should speak, tell about itself, such a story is best to prepare. So you'll worry less and be able to make a good impression. To some it may seem that they have nothing to tell about myself. It is not so: even if you just finished high school and has almost no experience, you can always tell where I studied and studied that, on any visited or apprentice. List the additional knowledge, because a lot can be highly valued.

Step 5:

Employees will be interesting to learn about you something personal, because communication is not limited to office work. If you have an interesting hobby (mountain climbing, florist, etc.), do not hesitate to tell you about them. But go too far do not need, or do not notice how the story will turn into a lecture on the proper selection of equipment, or a combination of colors.