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How to recruit part-time

Quite often work part-time more profitable and employee and employer. Take personnel in this kind of employment is very simple, as the Labour Code clearly describes all the details of the procedure.

How to recruit part-time

You will need:

Labor Code, passport, documents on education.

Instruction how to recruit part-time

Step 1:

Make sure that the employee is taking on a second job (Labor Code clearly separates the combination of offices and work part-time). In the first case, it is simply an increase in workload, and in the second - employment on the basis of individual labor contract with the performance of duties in their spare time.

Step 2:

It should be remembered that certain categories of employees (eg, state and municipal officials) can work only part-time in the field of teaching or research activities. It is impossible to hire part-time employees under the age of 18 years.

Step 3:

For the hiring of part-time worker's passport is required, and if you need special knowledge and the document on the appropriate education. If you work part-time is associated with severe or dangerous working conditions, will also need a certificate that the main job these conditions are absent. On the basis of these documents with the employee an employment contract, and issued orders to the head of the company for a job part-time.

Step 4:

Keep in mind that, according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, working hours when working in combination can not exceed 4 hours per day and 16 hours per week.

Step 5:

Social guarantees for working part-time are virtually unchanged: paid temporary disability benefits, granted leave after 6 months of operation. Firing takes place on the same basis as regular employees, including their own.