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How to resolve the conflict at work

Conflict - this is one of the components of human communication, accompanying person everywhere in society, in the family, at work. Conflict situations at work can be considered as one of the operating points that need to respond adequately and try to get out of it with minimal losses.

How to resolve the conflict at work

Instruction how to resolve the conflict at work

Step 1:

If the conflict, to which you have been dealing with the production or organizational problems and is caused by different views of colleagues on a solution, it can be called constructive. To settle this conflict will be fairly simple. For this offer to meet everyone who is authorized to solve the problem raised, in turn, let us know what way to resolve it and work together to select the most successful.

Step 2:

If you had an argument with a colleague because of the dissimilarity of your characters, ie, conflict occurred as a result of personal conflict, try to resolve it, even if you think you are absolutely right. After all, if you are not the best relationship with the staff, you will feel uncomfortable in the workplace, which will affect your productivity and health.

Step 3:

Do not turn in on themselves, listening to colleagues whispering behind your back. Turn on your imagination and imagine that your abuser is actually not a bad person, just that he, like most people, have their own intrapersonal issues that provoked and interpersonal conflict between you. Find the unpleasant positive qualities of the employee, because something good is in each person. Maybe he brings home food for homeless cats every morning, which is spinning at the door of your office, or maybe just conscientiously performs his daily duties. The power of imagination, try to reinforce his good qualities, and you will notice a gradual change your attitude towards the offender. Talk to him openly declare their desire to resolve the conflict, ask him to once again safely express their views and together find a compromise solution to the problem.

Step 4:

If there was a conflict with you boss, stick to the following tactics. Listen carefully to the words of the head, without interruption and without giving vent to emotions. When he finished, no words come out from the cabinet. Get together and take it easy, prepare a reasoned speech and ask for an audience with the chief. Say that you recognize your mistakes (if you really were wrong) and will try not to repeat them in the future. If the head of unfairly yelled at you, ask them to reiterate their claims, but in a relaxed atmosphere.

Step 5:

Remember that learning to manage conflicts, you can preserve the health of yourself and those around you.