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How to retire financially responsible person

Almost all organizations operate financially-responsible staff. It happens so that they are dismissed. Before cadres, and even to the head there is a question: how to carry out this procedure.

How to retire financially responsible person

Instruction how to retire financially responsible person

Step 1:

Material and responsible employee is dismissed on the same principle as that of a normal employee, that is, it can be on their own, and perhaps for some action. Anyway, before the dismissal, he must pass all the material values ​​that are assigned to him.

Step 2:

As a general rule, if an employee resigns voluntarily, he shall notify in writing the head of two weeks. During this time he has to tell you all things, property and other valuables. In no case can not detain an employee for more than two weeks, even if the transmission is not completely finished.

Step 3:

In the event that the dismissal took place by voluntary agreement, both the employer and the employee, the transfer period can be tightened, for example, if it is impossible to convey all the work for two weeks - the date of dismissal is removed.

Step 4:

In the case of dismissal for misconduct, such as truancy, should also act as in the first case, that is stacked in two weeks.

Step 5:

As a rule, first inventory of the property. She holds a commission consisting of independent people, ie those who are not interested in concealing the fact of damage, theft, etc. On the basis of the calculations shall be drawn up, which is subsequently transferred to the accounting department for verification.

Step 6:

Material and responsible employee should hand over all the documents to the accounting department prior to the inventory and give a receipt that all the information communicated.

Step 7:

If the inventory identified shortcomings, then, despite the dismissal of the material and responsible employee must compensate all damage (Art. 232 of the Labour Code).

Step 8:

In this case the employee must write an explanation of the results. In case of refusal, shall be drawn up of two witnesses. This document will serve as a basis for going to court.