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How to survive in office

Sometimes, a man accustomed to work at home, have to return to office work. Not everyone is given lightly: everyone is different, and someone office environment is depressing. But we should not exaggerate: to survive in the office can be if you follow certain rules.

How to survive in office

Instruction how to survive in office

Step 1:

The main thing that will help you survive in the office - it's your attitude. If you go to work with heavy thoughts on gossip and intrigue, the chief of the rough, routine, then you will certainly have a hard time, because especially in the office environment, you will see just that. Of course, in any office is enough and not very nice people, and routine, but at the same time is almost always enough positive moments. Tune in to them. Think about the fact that there are advantages in the office life: next to the staff, who can help, there is a clear timetable, etc. Such self-hypnosis is very effective.

Step 2:

But if your worst fears were realized, and in the office you uncomfortable, try to minimize the unpleasant consequences. Minimize contact with unpleasant people you - do not take part in the general conversation, if they involve such people do not go to dinner with them, etc. If such people include your boss, with which we communicate as much as possible, try to mentally step back in conversation with him. Remember that you are only working links.

Step 3:

In order for you not to go gossip, try not to talk about yourself too much. Be for all the most common employee who has everything like everyone else: work, home, friends, and children. No one is sure to know what you have, for example, is not very good relationship with his brother, even to those employees whom you have begun to consider that almost friends. If gossip is still there, do not attach much importance to them, the people who spread them, believe not always.

Step 4:

Even the most routine work is done easier if you know that after that you have something to reward yourself. It can be as evening meetings in a nearby cafe with pleasant to you colleagues and interesting activities after office. After 18-00 life is just beginning: you can go to the theater or cinema, to enroll in Flamenco, create a tradition of dining with friends who work near you.

Step 5:

Remember that in any style of work, whether it be office or freelance, has its advantages and disadvantages. Use Office dignity - such as a clear timetable enabling all to plan in advance, communicating in new people (colleagues), raising the professional level when dealing with more successful professionals finally have the opportunity to dine in the office or at a nearby coffee shop, without spending time and effort to prepare homemade food.