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How to take a day off at work

Very often, in connection with certain circumstances, you need to take a day off and stay on weekdays at home or go to their urgent business. The labor legislation of the Russian Federation provides the opportunity to receive additional paid vacation days or, in accordance with the imperative to obtain leave without pay at their own expense.

How to take a day off at work

You will need:

- statement; - Order.

Instruction how to take time off at work

Step 1:

In accordance with the labor legislation provides for additional days of rest, which can be obtained at the request throughout the year at any time. These days provided for in Article 152 of the Labour Code overtime, article 153 of the Labour Code to work on weekends and holidays, Article 301 for a rotational processing, Article 186 of the delivery of donor blood in Article 125 for the unused annual leave, Article 128 provides for the opportunity to arrange leave without pay content at their own expense.

Step 2:

Any additional days of rest must be issued in accordance with labor legislation. If the overtime payment has already been made in the double size, these days, are not subject to the additional relaxation. If payment is not made and the employer was warned that the employee wants to receive additional days of rest equivalent to the hours worked overtime, you must submit a statement on the need to use these days. The application must be submitted to the employer, they signed. The employer is obliged to issue an order granting the employee an additional day or days of rest and to indicate what day of work he provided.

Step 3:

In accordance with Article 125 of paid annual leave may be used in parts, but one part of it shall not be less than 14 calendar days. Therefore, if the remaining vacation days are not used, they can be taken in installments over the year. The same provision applies to cases of employee illness during annual leave. Vacation extended for all the days that had received a medical certificate and, therefore, if the vacation was not renewed, all the days of sick leave may be used in whole or in part during the current year. This is necessary to prevent the employer in writing and submit the application to the signature.

Step 4:

On the donor to the Labour Code states that they are entitled to a paid day during the immediate delivery of blood and extra days off. But when they do not specifically provide specified, so the question is decided by the employer and employee by means of negotiations and could be timed to coincide with the next release, or used as an additional paid day off within a year.

Step 5:

For his work on weekends and holidays, on watch for the processing also put paid days at the request of employees or pay double. In all cases it is necessary to apply, on the need to take advantage of additional free days in advance.

Step 6:

If any additional days of vacation an employee is not present, the next holiday is fully used, you can take a vacation at his own expense. To do this, the employer should notify in advance to apply for two weeks for urgent exigent circumstances - for three days. In emergency circumstances, which include serious illness of loved ones, death - the last working day before the time off. During the year, you can take 14 days without content, the participants of the Second World War - to 35 days, people with disabilities - up to 60 days. All days in excess of the specified time - by agreement with the employer. In all cases, the day off is made applying, under which the employer puts its resolution and the Order, stating what, why and when given the day off.

Step 7:

Unauthorized absence from work without proper clearance is considered absenteeism, for which you can fire at the corresponding article. Absenteeism is not only considered those days, when the application was filed, rest days are required, and the employer refused to provide them (Article 81 of the Labour Code, the Decree of the Supreme Court under the number 2).