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How to temporarily recruit

Organizations for the duration of an employee temporarily assumed another specialist for the same position. For this is made fixed-term contract at the time of, for example, maternity leave, child care leave. Amounts to an order entry is made in the work book. After expiration of the contract is issued the order for dismissal, as a former employee starts to fulfill his job description.

How to temporarily recruit

You will need:

- Company documents; - Documents of the employee; - Staffing; - The form of the contract; - Order form (Form T-1).

Instruction temporarily recruit

Step 1:

In some companies, the post of a temporarily absent employee due to illness or due to the long trip taken another specialist on fixed-term contracts. But the average wage in these cases is paid traveler, a sick employee. Accordingly, there is a double payment of two specialists in a regular unit. This is one drawback. And the second is that the staffing policy is violated, since the position of one and two employees are working on it. In this case, the employer does not comply with the rules of the Labour Code.

Step 2:

In the absence of employees due to a business trip, temporary disability correct to issue the combination of professions, or temporarily take pluralist. In this case, without breaking the law, and will be paid only part of the salary for the position.

Step 3:

For registration for the fixed-term contract employees take on those positions that are free. This applies to units of employees who are absent due to a decree of child care. Ask the expert applying for the position, to write a statement. As a rule, it indicates the position, the department to which the employee is issued. Also prescribed time frame in which the employee will replace a temporarily absent employee.

Step 4:

Apply for an employment contract. Prescribe the document working conditions. Set salary, bonuses, additional payments to the extent as specified in the staffing table for the particular post. The end of the contract term can be written as follows. For example, prior to the actual return to work employee, who is currently on leave for child care.

Step 5:

Issues orders. Specify the conditions for implementation of the employee work performance as specified in the futures contract. Assure administrative document signed by the head. Familiarize yourself with the order of the employee against receipt.

Step 6:

By order of Record in the work book specialist. Make a reservation to the effect that the employee received during the absence of the main worker. Upon expiration of the contract, that is after expression of desire employee (in writing) to begin his duties, drawn up an order of termination of the employment relationship. When administrative document shall not be issued in the event of the expiration of the contract, the expert considered to be accepted indefinitely.