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How to train Seller

Find a good seller today is not always easy, because many people believe that this work is even suitable candidates without special knowledge and skills. Of course, to succeed in this profession, you need to have certain skills. However, the lack of experience should not be a barrier to employment, as a good candidate to quickly train case.

How to train Seller

Instruction how to train Seller

Step 1:

Before you hire the seller, arrange him a little test. Even if the candidate does not have the experience, he must feel the sales process intuitively, preserving kindness and trying to respond appropriately to questions. Many sellers on the nature inherent ability to convince potential buyers.

Step 2:

Let the seller how to see the range. To do this, he must show a sincere interest in the products presented in the store. The composition, size, technical parameters, method of use, shelf life, the manufacturer - these are only some characteristics of the product, which must possess a professional seller in full. In the initial study of the range may take 1-2 days: better knowledge will occur during operation. Seller Provide all necessary information materials, as well as testers if they are needed. A week later, "arrange the examination", inquiring about the product from the buyer's position.

Step 3:

Put the trainee to-seller more experienced mentor. The process of entering the working process may take about a week. Senior dealer must not only teach and do some work novice, but also try to warn him of the possible errors. Large corporate clients or a new seller in this case it is better not to trust during the internship.

Step 4:

Regularly arrange trainings for the staff, and this applies not only to newcomers. Such events are best left to the professionals. sales techniques, communication with the customer, the degree of influence on the adoption of consumer decisions, the elements of neurolinguistic programming - it is only a few skills that can be useful to the seller.

Step 5:

Write for a new seller list of standard phrases, which he must use when communicating with customers. It must enter the form of greeting and farewell, thanks for waiting, for the supply of goods turnover. Give algorithms exit from non-standard situations that may cause difficulty for the beginner.