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How to win the respect of the collective

Your work team, almost, your second family. These are people with whom you spend together even more time than with their household. They know you as well as the closest people and their opinion means a lot to you. Of course, not bad to be respected in the team, but this is a thing that should really be earned.

How to win the respect of the collective

Instruction how to gain respect in the team

Step 1:

Whatever you may be a wonderful person to work all your quality must be accompanied importantly - professionalism. And it is not only the knowledge and skills that you gained in school or in the workplace. Your education should be a continuous process. Learn the latest developments in the region in which the work, the activities of competing companies, interested in new technologies, learn from those who work better than you. Not kichites acquired knowledge, share with those who show interest in them.

Step 2:

Do not avoid the work and faithfully perform all the tasks, take responsibility. Do not let that part of your responsibility fell on the shoulders of those who work with you, or someone was forced to alter after you work. Do not refuse to help, but colleagues and stop attempts to use your work time and under this pretext.

Step 3:

Never allow yourself to be rude, defiant or disrespectful to talk to people. Keep always smooth, calm tone of voice. Be friendly with colleagues and moderately open. Do not let the staff in their personal lives and discuss it with colleagues details. Of course, the main event it will not go unnoticed and can talk about them, but try to keep the inside of all your experiences and do not bare my soul in front of everyone.

Step 4:

Do not, and will never take part in any gossip, any squabbles. If you are unhappy with the behavior of someone, then say so directly and ask them not to do. Do not discuss with their colleagues in other departments and employees can not stand what's happening in your workplace, in the discussion of all other employees.

Step 5:

Be careful. If you see that someone of your colleagues hard work on the assignment given, tell me how it is better to carry out, even if he does not ask for help. Sometimes you have to be involved if you see that a person is upset about something, or worried. Just walk up to him, tell him that you have noticed it, and offer assistance. Rather, they give it up, but your impulse will be appreciated. Respect yourself and your colleagues, and you will be respected as a team.