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How to write a good reference

Feature employee is a document with a brief feedback about his performance and social activities in the enterprise. Also, in the characteristic assessed business, psychological and moral qualities of a person.

How to write a good reference

Instruction how to write a good reference

Step 1:

Specify the first thing surname, name and patronymic of the person, date of birth, his education, a list of schools and training courses, degrees. Write data on the enterprise (workplace employee) are listed in chronological order, his position and duties.

Step 2:

Evaluate business and personal qualities of the person to whom written good feature. Give a positive assessment of the professionalism and experience of the employee, his knowledge, skills and abilities in the specialty and position. Notice how well the employee is familiar with the standard documentation, with their labor obligations and rights as well it should be the job description.

Step 3:

Write about human performance and its ability to develop the capacity for learning. Tell that employee decides to timely and accurately assigned to problems and challenges, is able to plan their time and resolve difficult situations, shows moderate activity and initiative. Emphasize individual achievements, personal growth, its significant results of the work.

Step 4:

Check the quality of business personnel. Describe how he skillfully resolves conflicts, manages his subordinates, it is the approach to colleagues, interacting with the staff of related departments. Write about the awards, acknowledgments, letters, which was awarded the employee.

Step 5:

Tell us in the conclusion of the psychological and ethical qualities of man. For example, write how people stressoustoychiv, friendly, sociable.

Step 6:

Use the good characteristics of the positive evaluation of expression. For example, "a great experience", "a high level of knowledge," "very familiar with the issues ...".