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How to write a petition to the place of work

The request from the employer may require the employee to provide the enterprise in court GAI, if there is a question of deprivation of rights in education administration department when considering the application for the permit in a kindergarten or in other cases. It involves in its meaning surety company, which employs the person for his business and moral qualities that suggest some of the indulgences and privileges.

How to write a petition to the place of work

Instruction how to write a petition to the place of work

Step 1:

To write an application is required to use the form for your organization, stating its full name, legal address, contact numbers, bank account details.

Step 2:

The address of the email name, initials, was the head of the organization to which an application is written, its full name, postal address and an index.

Step 3:

Under address, write the word "petition" and indicate the name and patronymic of the employee to whom this document is written. Also reflected in the title of this part of his post and work experience in your enterprise.

Step 4:

The application is a basically a request to provide leniency or identify the person among others, applying for any benefits distributed. Your task - the most flattering and compelling way to describe your employees and your company name to vouch for his business and moral qualities. If the petition to the court, then from it may even depend on the degree of severity of the sentence.

Step 5:

In any case, start with a description of your career as an employee, mention those enterprises on which he worked before he started to work for you. Talk about how his business acumen and industry affect the performance of official duties. Emphasize how valuable it is for your business.

Step 6:

Tell us about the moral qualities of the authority, which the employee enjoys among colleagues. Reflect his participation in some public organizations providing charitable assistance to them.

Step 7:

When it comes to the allocation of apartments, getting directions to a kindergarten or vouchers for sanitary-resort treatment, is not superfluous to talk about family circumstances and living conditions, in which the employee resides. Mention and list of persons who are dependent on him, their degree of kinship, age.

Step 8:

Specify the purpose for which the application is given. Sign him head of the organization, assure him in the personnel department and the legal department. Put the seal of the enterprise and the date of signing.