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How to write a professional resume

From resume depends on getting a new job. From the first lines of the employer should be tempted to take you to work. Therefore, it should include the most important information about you and your abilities.

How to write a professional resume

You will need:

A computer

Instruction how to write a professional resume

Step 1:

Write a name in the middle listaFamiliyu name of font can print more than the rest of the text.

Step 2:

Specify personal dannyeEtot block can be written on the right side of the sheet. This includes the date of birth, address, phone, e-mail.

Step 3:

Describe the purpose rezyumeTsel includes the name of the positions in the company, where you send your professional CV. The purpose of writing a post. If you are applying for several positions in certain companies, the best resume for each of them.

Step 4:

Make a point of "Education" write higher / vocational contrary word "Education". Then write in chronological order reverse order of the year of entry-year graduation, the name, institution / faculty, name of the specialty.

Step 5:

List the professional courses in the "Supplementary education" refers to those that may be useful in the work of the office, you want to get. They are written in chronological order in the reverse order.

Step 6:

Make a point "Experience" Start with the last place of work, informing about the position, the name of the organization and basic functions. If you have a wealth of experience, which is enough to fill 2 pages, turn to a professional resume only the most significant place of work or the last 4.

Step 7:

Please provide additional information that will be useful to the organization where you want to make rezyumeMozhno transfer ownership of computer programs, office equipment, foreign language knowledge level, driving license and personal car. Mention awards received, participation in projects that will help to get the specified position.

Step 8:

Write your professional kachestvaEtot item is optional. What does not need to write simple adjectives such as "sociable", "responsible", etc. It is better to give a detailed description of what you know. For example, the ability to work in a team, to quickly resolve conflicts, manage people in a timely manner to carry out the work plan, etc.

Step 9:

Specify creation date CV