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How to write a resume

With a resume writing difficulties faced by almost all the applicants. Any errors, inaccuracies or negligence leads to the inevitable failure of the post. A good summary - a good chance to get a desired job. To avoid errors, you need to follow just a few rules.

How to write a resume

Instruction how to write a resume

Step 1:

More does not mean better. Summary of 15 sheets does not impress, but rather to force employers to postpone the foot as far as possible. Make a concrete and important information about themselves, avoiding the spreads on different topics. Ideal occupies one page resume.

Step 2:

Start your resume with the surname, name and patronymic, date of birth. It is advisable to attach a photo.

Step 3:

Provide contact information: the personal phone, e-mail, fax. Below designate those positions for which you are applying (better to specify the one you are applying for in the company, which is sent separately, in another company may post a different name).

Step 4:

Indicate experience shaped the company, position, time, work, responsibilities. If you have changed a lot of jobs, it is not necessary to describe in detail all of them. Choose the most significant ones. The remaining specify under "Other Experience". For beginners, applicants with no or little experience is necessary to specify the place of passage of high school practice, temporary work and so on. Describing his responsibilities, remember that you say this to the employer about your skills. Do not miss important.

Step 5:

Write about education. The university, additional courses, seminars, training - all that relates to the desired position, should be reflected in your resume.

Step 6:

In the "Technical Skills" column reflect the skills to work with a PC software, office equipment.

Step 7:

Column "Additional Information", seemingly simple, in fact, turns out to be the most difficult. In a few sentences have to describe myself as an employee, not venturing, but not quite superficial. Tell us about your personal qualities, enthusiasm, presence of a driver's license and a car. But do not write about religion, political views, and the like.

Step 8:

Remember that your resume - the only chance to appear before a particular employer. Mistakes, misprints, crumpled paper unacceptable. Do not attempt to diversify the summary and entertain the employer - he may laugh, but you just do not interview will call. All important facts, place the top of the resume will interest the reader, is least important to strike. Before sending resume, please read it a few times and make sure that it corresponds to the desired position and the company.