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How to write a thesis presentation at the conference

Speakers at the conference for the first time is a great honor and at the same time scary. The study is over, now it is necessary to convey the results to the researchers. But the performance was very cumbersome, if not rely on arguments that should cover the main stages of work. How to write a summary of the report?

How to write a thesis presentation at the conference

Instruction how to write abstracts of conference presentations

Step 1:

Note that the performance of his theses are printed frame. That is, you will orally present the material in the scientific community for 10-15 minutes on the basis of summarized data at scientific paper.

Step 2:

All of them should be subject to the main topic of performance and disclose the basic idea of ​​scientific research with the help of the conclusions drawn from the analysis of specific examples.

Step 3:

The main goal of the theses is to help conference participants understand the essence of your experiment, evaluate the accuracy and scientific results obtained.

Step 4:

All conference abstracts should answer three main questions: what to study (the problem, novelty, relevance) as the study was conducted (methodology, literature review, data collection) and what results were obtained (the findings).

Step 5:

Try to construct a text abstracts not from fragments of research and re-describing the study as a whole. This will allow students to better understand the logic of reasoning.

Step 6:

Ask and learn the requirements for abstracts: allowable pages, font, size, distance fields, including in the text of figures, tables and charts. It is necessary for the further publication of scientific work.

Step 7:

If the rules provided for the use of charts and graphics, use the simpler and more elegant. They can be used in the report as a handout.

Step 8:

It is better not quote listing the primary sources of literature. And if you still do it, separate the quote quotes in brackets indicate the author's surname with initials, year of publication and page number. Initials put in front of the names.

Step 9:

Referring to the theses of the author's name and setting forth his point of view, certainly in brackets indicate the year in which he printed editions. Each technique accompanied by a reference to the author and year of publication.