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How to write the examination certificate

The act of medical examination were in ancient Greece and ancient Rome. In the broad sense of the word expertise - this study (analysis) of any matter conducted by a specialist, ie expert. the issue requires a decision from the expert knowledge in the field of science, art, technology, etc.

How to write the examination certificate

Instruction write the examination certificate

Step 1:

Be sure to make a act at a forensic medical examination. If the examination is carried out in connection with the decision of the investigating authorities, the act of a medical examination referred to conclusion. If the decision is not made, then the document will be called "Medical Examination Act".

Step 2:

Prepare for leaving the document standard form recommended by the Health Ministry chief forensic medical expert.

Step 3:

Specify the first part of the conclusion of the passport data of the victim or the victim. Mark, who, where and when the examination conducted. Describe all the circumstances of the incident.

Step 4:

In the second part of the act of state the course of the study. Describe all found at the same facts.

Step 5:

At the very end of the document is required to state the only scientifically validated data, which are derived from the narrative. Answer all raised in the first part of the act of questions.

Step 6:

If in the course of the examination you will find obvious to you as a specialist in this area, the answers to questions that are not stated in the examination of the problems, answer them in this document.

Step 7:

Please note that you want to print the finished act in two copies. Reassure each instance of its signature and stamp.

Step 8:

Pass the conclusion prepared by authorities designated holding of this examination, within 3 days. A delayed transmission of the document is possible only in case of serious good reason, does not allow the complete analysis in due time. The second copy of the document to archive expert institution.