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How To Give Your Hands The Work Book

How to give your hands the work book

When an employee requests a hand on the original workbook, HR staff can get into a difficult situation. To issue or not to give? And if the issue, the issue is how, and who will be responsible in case of loss of the document?

Instruction how to issue a work book in the…

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How To Obtain A Patent For Utility Model

How to obtain a patent for utility model

In order to be the author of a utility model is not enough just to develop it. We should also patented model in the established order in the appropriate national authority. In this case we are talking about the Russian Agency for Patents and Trademarks (Rospatent). Fortunately, to obtain a patent for utility…

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As Documented Dismissal Under

As documented dismissal under

In the course of the employment relationship is sometimes a situation where the employer is obliged to dismiss an employee on the article. This can happen due to labor or administrative violations committed by the employee. Of course, the first leader of trying to settle everything peacefully, that is offering the employee to resign, but when he…

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As Can Be Fired From Their Jobs During The Probation Period

As can be fired from their jobs during the probation period

Under probation understand a certain time period during which an employee is showing his professional skills. It happens so that the employee can not cope, and it fired.

Instruction how to get fired from their jobs during the probation period

Step 1:

Making an employment contract with the new workers, entrepreneurs…

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How To Create A New Work Book

How to create a new work book

For the new entrants to the work of employees, employers, including individual entrepreneurs are obliged to draw up employment records in accordance with the terms of the rules of work books. If the employee was got previous work record, but he has not provided for whatever reasons, then at the request of the expert…

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How To Choose A Good Office Paper

How to choose a good office paper

Paper for office is better to use several types, selecting the most suitable for each unit or each group involved in the workflow of office equipment. You can choose, guided by the paper assigned class or paying attention to the detailed listing of parameters that describe the characteristics of paper in the figures.


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How To Obtain The Tender

How to obtain the tender

The term "tender" is borrowed from the English language ( "Contest"). In principle, this is a closed competition in which companies offer the customer their products or services. How correctly to competently prepare for participation in the tender?

Instruction how to tender

Step 1:

It is important to immediately establish contact with the customer's side. We need…

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How To Make External Moonlighting

How to make external moonlighting

Now some people are trying to work not on the same work, but on several. And why not, if the time and effort to make it possible! Of course, you can not work under an employment contract, but according to the Code, such employees are pluralists, and to conclude an agreement is necessary. There are internal…

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