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How To Get A Job In The Tax

How to get a job in the tax

The work in the tax office - not a bad option to employ. Starting salary here, though not so high, but there is, to grow career wise, and the work is stable and high status.

You will need:

Medical certificate, Certificate from the Department of Internal Affairs about the absence of a criminal record…

Jobs And Careers
How Do I Create A Home Studio

How do I create a home studio

If you have outstanding abilities of the composer or just do not think my life without working with audio, try to equip the modern home recording studio to your talents are not wasted.

You will need:

You will need a good computer with a sound card, advanced software, monitor speakers, microphones, headphones, midi keyboard, cables.…

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How To Take A Leave Of Absence For Family Reasons

How to take a leave of absence for family reasons

In student life there may be situations that do not allow sufficient time to give their studies and exams. And often the only solution is a leave of absence, which may be granted "for family reasons".

You will need:

Order №2782 of 05.11.98g. "On the procedure for granting sabbatical leave"…

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How Can I Earn In The Summer

How can I earn in the summer

Summer - a time when schoolchildren and students can take a break from studying and try to find a seasonal job. In the absence of the required experience and level of education of the best option will be jobs that require only a willingness to work well and certain personal qualities.

In the summer…

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How To Organize The Work Of The Head

How to organize the work of the head

The head is an important part of the team, he has a particular organization and the employee performs several basic functions. This planning, organization, motivation and control of production. The team only reach your goal, when the manager will be able to conduct their work properly.

Instruction how to organize the work of…

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How To Protect Labor Rights

How to protect labor rights

Each employee may have to protect their labor rights, so it is necessary to know how to act in conflict with the employer. It is worth noting that every worker has the right to protect their interests, it is clearly stipulated in the articles of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation.

Instruction how to protect…

Jobs And Careers
How To Behave At The Interview

How to behave at the interview

Successful job interview can be a bridge to a new life with paid work and the recognition of others. Therefore, to prepare for the interview should be carefully and behave at the interview so that the employer did not have doubts about your suitability and efficiency.

Instruction on how to behave at the interview

Step 1:…

Jobs And Careers
How To Get A Work Permit For Foreign Nationals

How to get a work permit for foreign nationals

Foreign workers - a feature of contemporary life in Russia. Heads of enterprises now have the freedom to hire labor. Sometimes it is more cost-effective to attract workers from other countries, sometimes it is a specific company need a specialist foreigner. When legal employment for this it is necessary to issue a…

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How To Pay Premium

How to pay premium

There are several schemes by which employees can pay the premium. What is the correct procedure for calculating premiums? And is there a difference when you make incentive payments and payments for the holiday?

Instruction how to pay premium

Step 1:

Make incentive awards in accordance with the conditions set out in employment contracts, collective agreements, etc.


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How To Write A Script Infomercial

How to write a script infomercial

Advertisement - one of the most effective methods to search for new clients and an important marketing ploy. Commercials on the radio or TV should attract the attention of potential customers in a short time to familiarize them with the product and be encouraged to buy.

Instruction how to write a script infomercial

Step 1:


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How To Protect Yourself From The Consumer

How to protect yourself from the consumer

Each of us, as a consumer of a product, found himself in a difficult situation, when the manufacturer or the seller does not behave in the most honest way, by offering low-quality product (or service) without complying with the warranty obligation or maintenance. Current legislation treats this issue in great detail. Therefore, if there…

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How To Organize Paperwork At The Enterprise

How to organize paperwork at the enterprise

Properly organized paperwork - one of the components of the success of any (even small) companies. After all, how are issued basic documents (orders, instructions, letters and so on.) Depends on the first impression of him business partners. It is also important how quickly flows are incoming, outgoing and internal documents.

Instruction how…

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How To Get The Fire Brigade

How to get the fire brigade

In the childhood dream of many boys would grow up and get a "heroic profession", for example, fire. But some in adulthood do not give up on your dreams. But in order to become an employee of the fire department, need to meet a number of requirements and perform some mandatory conditions.

You will need:


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How To Obtain A Guide License

How to obtain a guide license

The man, who decided to work as a guide, will greatly simplify the task of employment itself, if it is to have a special license. License type depends on where you are going to work.

Instruction how to obtain a guide license

Step 1:

Decide where you are going to work as a guide. In Russia,…

Jobs And Careers
How To Get The Debt Under The Salary

How to get the debt under the salary

You have left, received a work book, and the employer is in no hurry with the final settlement? Take action, without delay. Maybe soon your former company declared bankruptcy. Or its head just disappear in an unknown direction. Do not tempt fate - are seeking their rightful money as soon as possible.


Jobs And Careers
How To Get The Quota For Foreign Workers

How to get the quota for foreign workers

No matter what type of activities engaged in this or that company, its management is always a choice: whom to hire. Sometimes employers prefer foreign workers, and this for several reasons. Firstly, foreigners in some cases have a higher level of training. Secondly, they are often just a cheap labor force that can…

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How Do I Fix An Error In Recording The Work Book

How do I fix an error in recording the work book

The work book is a document confirming the employee's seniority, his movement during the work. It is a mistake made and properly corrected entries can lead to problems with the design of the old-age pension or a reduced pension so when correcting any incorrect entries made should be guided by…

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How To Write An Application For Leave Without Pay

How to write an application for leave without pay

For family reasons, due to illness of a close relative or other valid reasons, the employee is entitled to take leave without pay. To this end, it is necessary to write a statement in any form to which to attach documents confirming good reason.

You will need:

- Documents of the enterprise; -…

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How To Make A Portfolio For The Music Director Of The Kindergarten

How to make a portfolio for the music director of the kindergarten

Professional certification, the city and all-Russian competitions, kindergarten anniversary: ​​the music director of a number of points, for which his portfolio may be required. This document not only provides comprehensive information on the activities of the teacher, but also an important tool for certain image.

You will need:

- paper;…

Jobs And Careers
How Not To Lose Seniority

How not to lose seniority

From 1 January 2007 the concept of "continuity of employment" is no longer used as enshrined in the Constitution violates basic human rights and freedoms associated with the freedom to work and the right of everyone to dispose of their abilities to work. Now, in the calculation of social benefits and payments using a concept such…

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