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How To Make Maternity Leave The Employee

How to make maternity leave the employee

Almost every organization has a young employee, who once settled in the birth of a child. And after a few months it is necessary to design maternity leave.

You will need:

Labor Code of the Russian Federation, the Federal Law №255-FZ of 29.12.06g. "On compulsory social insurance against temporary disability and maternity"


Jobs And Careers
How To Achieve High Results And Ensure Its Sustainability

How to achieve high results and ensure its sustainability

In every industry, in any enterprise it is very important to achieve a good result. To maintain the effectiveness of the stability in the work necessary to create the system. To do this, all the nuances of production should be explored in detail.

Instruction how to achieve high results and ensure its…

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How To Make Easy To Work

How to make easy to work

Temporary suspension of the enterprise, or the simple need to be issued in accordance with the instructions of article number 157 of the Labour Code, in the event of inspection labor inspection found no violations on the part of the employer.

You will need:

- notification; - Order; - A report card.

Instruction how to make…

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How To Calculate The Percentage Of The Plan

How to calculate the percentage of the plan

The effective functioning of the enterprise in a market economy can only be achieved in the case of continuous monitoring of the volume and quality of products. Analysis of the implementation of production and sales should be carried out every month, quarter, six months and a year.

You will need:

- production plan or…

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How To Make Changes In Staffing

How to make changes in staffing

The composition of the workers' organizations, which is determined by management for a long period of time, called staffing. Sometimes there may be situations that require changes. In order to properly make a change, note the following.

Instruction how to make changes in staffing

Step 1:

To change the base should be governed by the Labour…

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How To Dismiss An Employee Competently

How to dismiss an employee competently

In accordance with labor legislation, an employer can dismiss an employee for several reasons. This list is mandatory and can not be supplemented by yourself. The law also provides a list of the categories of persons who can not be dismissed on any circumstances, with the exception of a liquidation of the enterprise.

Instruction how…

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How To Sew Documents For Tax

How to sew documents for tax

It would seem, stapled documents is not difficult, but often incorrectly filed documents back and have to redo all the work again. Before stapled documents for tax, you should familiarize yourself with the basic requirements and workflow rules.

You will need:

- thread; - Needle; - An awl; - Clerical glue.

Instruction how to sew documents…

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How To Justify Higher Wages

How to justify higher wages

In accordance with Article 135 of the Labour Code the salary - it is a bilateral agreement between the employee and the employer. Any change it is necessary not only justify, but also the issue properly. Rationale for increasing pay for work may be different, always the same design and is regulated by the Labour Code.…

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How To Make A Work Plan

How to make a work plan

The work plan for the day is a list of things you need to accomplish. It pushes it in diary or organizer, and will not forget anything, be organized, and effectively carry out even the unloved work. Preparation of the plan is applicable not only in the organization of working time, but also in the…

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How To Be The Best In The Network Marketing

How to be the best in the network marketing

Network Marketing - is a method of direct selling in which the movement of goods made in the chain "producer-buyer-seller." Mediators and margins are eliminated as much as possible. "Network" of employees of people based on the principle of the pyramid, and many believe that the newbies in this business a priori…

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How To Conduct An Interview With The Sales Manager

How to conduct an interview with the sales manager

Sales Manager - an employee who is engaged in the sale of goods, ie the promotion of products. He is the link between the customer and the organization itself. Therefore, the employment of such specialists need a responsible approach to the interview because of this man will depend directly on the company's…

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How To Find A Job If You Got Fired

How to find a job if you got fired

After leaving there are three problems. The first entry in the workbook, which prevents the device a good job. Secondly, it is unclear what to say at the interview of former place of work. Third, reduced self-confidence. The last reason has a strong pressure on the state of mind and deprived of…

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How To Send The Unit To The Asset To The Asset

How to send the unit to the asset to the asset

Mobile operator Activ allows its subscribers to send or give the unit to friends and acquaintances, without waiting for their request. To do this, use a special command to USSD or go "Infopark" from the menu. Thus there is a limit not only on the number of units of transmission,…

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How To Make The Dismissal Of The Director

How to make the dismissal of the director

The dismissal of the Director, whose post election or competition may, in accordance with Article 279 of the Labour Code, but this article is only suitable in cases where dismissal is not connected with the offense, and the head of the illegal actions. Also, the director may terminate the employment relationship of their…

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How To Answer The Phone Secretary

How to answer the phone Secretary

Secretary office performs, including, and dispatching functions. Through it made initial contacts and official telephone relationship. On how correctly and professionally secretary talking on the phone depends on the first impression of your company, that gets people to address you. Therefore, to answer calls, the Secretary requires knowledge of business etiquette.

Instruction how to respond…

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How To Make A Part-Time Translation

How to make a part-time translation

Translate employee part-time possible on the basis of mutual agreement between the two sides and through a reduction rate of 0.5. In the first case, the initiator acts as an employee, and in the second - the employer, at the upcoming significant changes in working conditions in the enterprise. To make out a part-time translation…

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How To Deal With Subordinates

How to deal with subordinates

Universal guide started to control subordinates, do not always work. Everything depends on the moral values ​​and individual traits of both parties. However, the employer is the head of the leader and the employee - subordinates.

Instruction how to deal with subordinates

Step 1:

Give your employees feel they are part of a great team. Inspire them…

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How To Calculate The Average Monthly Salary

How to calculate the average monthly salary

The procedure for calculating the average wage is regulated by Russian labor legislation. This figure as the average monthly wage is needed to calculate the various benefits, compensation and other payments.

You will need:

- timesheet; - Payroll.

Instruction how to calculate the average monthly salary

Step 1:

First, determine for how long you need to…

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How To Avoid Unemployment

How to avoid unemployment

Currently, no one is insured against unemployment. To avoid falling into the number of the unemployed, it is necessary to adequately assess the current situation, both at home and in the workplace.

You will need:

Money, refresher courses, seminars and workshops.

Instruction on how to avoid unemployment

Step 1:

Try to avoid dismissal from his job. Boost your discipline.…

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How To Pay For Sick Leave During The Holidays

How to pay for sick leave during the holidays

Hospital list is obliged to pay the employee the employer. The amount of money to the issue of disability in the period depends on the time of the expert in a particular enterprise, which is calculated on the basis of average earnings. Last multiplied by the number of calendar days of the…

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