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How To Take External Part

How to take external part

To recruit personnel for external part-time, you need to get away from it for admission to a position to conclude an employment contract with him, to issue an order. On the main place of work is entered in the work book entry on the basis of a copy of the contract, order or certificate on the…

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What You Need To Know The Seller-Consultant

What you need to know the seller-consultant

Shop assistant is considered as the primary link of communication with the client of many trade organizations. He is the face of the company, the first person who sees a potential buyer. It is therefore worth more to deal with the fact that you need to know the seller consultant.

Firstly, you need to…

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How To Calculate The Average Salary

How to calculate the average salary

The calculation of the average salary at the plant is made for calculation and payment of vacation pay, severance pay and compensation for unused leave. Accountants say the average salary in a specific sequence according to the legislation.

Instruction how to calculate the average salary

Step 1:

In order to calculate the average salary, you must…

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How To Enter A New Team

How to enter a new team

The new employee, sitting in the company feels a certain sense of anxiety: whether he will cope with the duties, whether can get along with the boss, if it will join the new team. To adapt the workplace took place quickly, it is important to demonstrate their professional skills, create a positive impression about yourself…

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How To Open A Medical Certificate

How to open a medical certificate

If you are sick, you do not feel well, under the new rules, open the sick leave you can not only local doctor. On July 1, 2011 medical institutions give new hospital sample sheets. Compared with the old system has its advantages and disadvantages.

Instruction how to open a medical certificate

Step 1:

If there is…

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How To Put Yandex Bar

How to put Yandex bar

Yandeks.Bara - one of the most popular additions to any web browser. Putting it on your computer, you add the browser a lot of useful and nice features: viewing mail, search of the panel, access to weather information, traffic updates, exchange rates and much more. Read these instructions to learn how to install Yandeks.Bara.…

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How To Become An Ophthalmologist

How to become an ophthalmologist

The doctor - a profession difficult and often thankless. Not only do you need a very long time to learn, so even then, many patients tend to blame the expert of all mortal sins. But in spite of all the troubles each year from medical schools produced thousands of young doctors. However, to become a full-fledged…

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How To Write A Letter To The Director General

How to write a letter to the Director General

To writing posts General of the Organization was not an employee of torture, enough to use in practice the rules of writing a business letter, you have to break all the message into several parts and arrange them properly.

Instruction how to write a letter to the Director General

Step 1:

Begin the…

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How To Charge The Hospital In Kazakhstan

How to charge the hospital in Kazakhstan

Order of the Chairman of the Agency for Health Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 29.12.2000, the basis for the payment of benefits for temporary disability is a medical certificate, which is issued by a public authority in the field of public health.

Instruction how to charge for hospital in Kazakhstan


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How To Make Salary Increases For The Enterprise

How to make salary increases for the enterprise

In the process of labor relations with employees, some employers increase salaries. This is done, for example, when receiving a discharge, higher education, or simply to improve productivity. Anyway, these actions need to draw properly.

Instruction how to issue a salary increase in the enterprise

Step 1:

Increased wages - a change in one…

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How To Entertain Colleagues

How to entertain colleagues

Life office worker is usually monotonous and boring. Try to make to your company or your department some fun - to make fun of his colleagues. This can be done in various ways. Especially as harmless jokes you can think of a lot.

Instruction how to entertain colleagues

Step 1:

There are many ways to help cheer up…

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How To Delegate

How to delegate

Skills delegation staff should have any guidance levels. On how correctly manager will be able to do it directly the efficiency of his team depends. In addition, this skill will save time manager, it helps to develop staff professionally, relieves tension in the community and making employees more responsible. So how do you properly delegate authority?

Instruction how…

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How To Fill Out A Form For A Bank

How to fill out a form for a bank

After the financial crisis in Russia again started the credit growth of the market. Banks have started to open new branches and recruit. This is a good opportunity for those who want to start a career in the financial sector. But when a job other than diplomas and skills plays an important…

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How To Recruit

How to recruit

Souped department heads and entrepreneurs often have to recruit in my department or business. Without experience, you can not always understand what it represents one or another specialist, and how it will be useful to you. Let us consider a few rules that will greatly facilitate the task to you.

Instruction how to recruit

Step 1:

First, decide what…

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How To Behave With The Head

How to behave with the head

Chiefs are different: despotic and liberal, good and evil, and professionals do not have. If you are working in a team for a long time, probably already know all the habits of his boss. If you are a beginner, you need to quickly get used to and adapt to new conditions, to learn how to…

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How To Make A Competent Summary Of Work

How to make a competent summary of work

A few years ago, CV is not much different from a simple questionnaire, and employers are not required to provide it. Now, without a well-written resume the probability of finding a good job is reduced to a minimum, even if you are satisfied through a friend, that is, it acts as a business…

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How To Dismiss An Employee On The Initiative

How to dismiss an employee on the initiative

Alternatively, when the dismissal of an employee going on his own initiative, with the wording "on their own" - the most common and virtually conflict-free. But in this case the procedure is necessary to issue correctly, observing all formalities, to avoid further conflicts and labor disputes.

Instruction how to dismiss an employee on…

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What Is The Competence

What is the competence

Often in business circles, and just in conversation with ordinary people can hear about a man say: "He is competent in this matter." So what is a competence and a competent person can be called?

In simple terms, the competence - a combination of experience, knowledge and understanding in the subject of conversation, or a certain…

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How To Raise Efficiency

How to raise efficiency

Efficiency - a person's ability to perform certain work for the required time, not omitting qualitative and quantitative indicators. Internet is now full of simple instructions that teach how to survive in office. They are often referred to as maintain and improve their performance.

Instruction how to raise performance

Step 1:

To raise the efficiency, it is necessary…

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How To Take Most Of The Work On The Pluralist

How to take most of the work on the pluralist

Take the external part in the main job in your company is possible if he resigned from his job and expressed a desire to work in the main staff of your organization. Making personnel documents in this case, you must make the following manner.

Instruction on how to take pluralist main…

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