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Summary: how to make it a template

In search of an employee the employer looks at dozens and sometimes even hundreds of resumes and profiles. To select a candidate in this sea of ​​data, you need to be able to present information about themselves. Firstly, any document should be drawn up taking into account all the requirements. Secondly, it should give an idea of ​​the applicant. And, thirdly, it must somehow stand out.

Summary: how to make it a template

Instruction summary: write it on a template

Step 1:

Create resume in electronic form only. It is unlikely that the employer will pay attention to a document written by hand. If you do not have a computer, go to an internet cafe to print it there.

Step 2:

Pick a good black-and-white photo. It must be placed at the beginning of the resume. Do not attach a humorous pictures. You must immediately the employer's interest. And the picture will help you remember better. As a result, it can play a decisive role in the selection of candidates.

Step 3:

At the top of the resume, type your data. The home and cell phone, address, e-mail, ICQ to a Skype number, and, if you use them. Further, in large letters, write his surname, first name and patronymic.

Step 4:

Type the personal information: marital status, presence of children, learning spaces. If you check any courses, do not forget to mention that, too. Be sure to include your specialty. Write what position you are applying for, if the list is not very large. If you are considering a variety of options, skip this step.

Step 5:

Then specify your work experience, starting from the last place. Each paragraph should contain the following information: the date of hiring and firing, job title, responsibilities (they need to paint the detail that the employer had an idea about your experiences). You can also specify the reason for dismissal to the interview was not asking questions. If you are applying for executive positions, add to every place of work and your accomplishments.

Step 6:

A separate item shall carry additional information. Specify the level of computer knowledge, the existence of rights, the driving experience, the ability to use office equipment, readiness for business trips and stuff.

Step 7:

Specify personal qualities. Do not make this point too much. Just write 5-7 pieces. If you want to be a leader, it is not necessary to emphasize that you are a good artist. On the contrary, it should write that you are ready to make decisions and take responsibility for them. Those. each job you need to find the right quality to it, which, moreover, you have.

Step 8:

Add something memorable. This may be in the text frame. You can also select certain information (eg, name) beautiful print. Or create a completely creative job, where all items will be filled in a joking manner. Some employers are interested in people who are able to think outside the box.