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Why would an employer hire it for you?

Today we find the answer to the main question of the employer why he should take a job just for you. Indeed, by what criteria HR-ry opt for one or another resume? What do I need to specify it to ensure that you receive an invitation for an interview?

Why would an employer hire it for you?

The main criterion for selection of the resume.

I'm sure you know that specialists work with the staff scan resume for 20 - 30 seconds, and the study liked - about 2 minutes. Experienced HR -ry in large companies spend on it even less time - about 10-15 seconds. This is understandable, since each position can come tens, hundreds, and sometimes thousands of resumes, it all depends on the quality, attractiveness, relevance. And at the same time the company may simultaneously close multiple positions.

HR-ry always work in an emergency mode, for them the main thing - to quickly close the open position, so an individual approach to the applicant in this case does not apply. No one will search your talents and abilities, if you do not demonstrate them yourself. Your resume may just get lost and it does not pay attention.

It is therefore important, in - first: - make a summary concise and specific, that is, specify it only what is relevant to the job for which you are applying; - Secondly, the right to issue the document, clearly structured and submit the information to be easy to read and understand; - Thirdly, to show concrete results of their work in the same place. It is most important. These results and the employer should explain why he is hiring you.

So to stand out from the competition, you need to talk about their achievements. Not that you did, and that did it. Processes do not matter. Most candidates enthusiastically describes its functionality is still a place of work; Some are mixed with functional expertise. But only a few show results.

While preparing this material, I looked over your resume file. So, only 13 people out of a hundred anything indicated in the column "my accomplishments" and, accordingly, only 13 she was at all!

In general, the results of interest not only of the employer. Many years ago I worked as a teacher of law at one of the universities, and still remember those conversations: - Elena, why did you put me unsatisfactory? After all, I taught? - Why have not learned? - But I really learned ... That is the person describes the process, whereas the result I needed from him.

And the processes are not satisfied with their wives. They are often interested in men: if you work, why not earn, like go fishing - where fish, etc. In other words, too many categories of people want to see results, you have to remember that...

In his letters and comments you are asking me a question that can be noted in the "achievements", especially if real progress was not.

My friends! If you are fired for non-compliance position, then - I agree, there is nothing to boast of. But if the former employer was satisfied with your work, it means that any achievement is still there.

As an illustration, once again I get back to his teaching. Composing resume, you could simply indicate in the box "experience": with such and such on such and such a number of commercial law worked as a teacher in a certain university. Conducted lectures and seminars, taking tests and exams. Voluntary redundancy.

And you can add to this achievement: - has developed a full course of lectures for students of day and correspondence departments; - Made teaching aids; - Developed case studies and exercises for seminars; - Introduced in the process of learning the game business, which provided 100% attendance of students in the class; - Has written 18 articles on his subject, which are published there is something there somewhere; - Prepared to defend his thesis; - Held a series of public lectures at schools and high schools in order to attract graduates in our institute.

And now look at this resume employer eyes: whom he would prefer - the one who just have experience and functionality, or do I? If add to this list a degree - employment in the university is guaranteed!

Thus it is possible to analyze any position, to look at it not from the point of view of functionality and in terms of the achievements and results.

For some specialties, such as a key achievement it is to perform the work within the specified period. It is not always the purpose of a resume is Jobseekers employment in a particular organization. Often it comes to customer care outsourcing. And then the company appears the so-called "coming" accountant, of IT - specialist, master of repair of equipment, etc. The result, which is waiting for them, the head -.. It is quality and timely performance of their obligations under the agreement. So you can write about it in the abstract.

For sellers, consultants, managers, insurance agents, real estate professionals, advertising agents "attainment" - A sales + development of the customer base. Moreover, these results should be expressed in concrete and precise figures. For the Lawyers' Code of Law "- the number of the processes carried out and the percentage of cases won. For example, if over the years a lawyer has spent one hundred trials, of which won eighty-nine, then we can consider it as our future employees!

Think well what results in it reached you? For that you have ever rewarded, thanked prized? Which business processes can be developed and improved in order to obtain a meaningful result, and then reflect it in your resume?

So, to sum up the results and fix:

To your resume noticed, you need: - brevity; - Structuring and clarity of information; - An indication of the specific results and achievements.

Elena Trigub