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5 Tips for Choosing a Christmas tree for the New Year

If you have not bought the main attribute of the New Year, it's time to do it, using 5 simple tips!

5 Tips for Choosing a Christmas tree for the New Year Decide on the size. It will depend on how much you are willing to take place under the tree. If the size of the room allows, and you want to put it in the center of the room, feel free to choose a luxurious tree up to 2.5 meters! But for a small room is an ideal height of about 150 cm. In any case, remember that you need to put the forest krasasitsu away from air conditioners and heating appliances! What should be the ideal type of tree? Let's start with the trunk. Let's say you're staying in a small, five-foot fur-tree, then the diameter of the stem should be about 6 cm. In addition, the barrel should be smooth, it should be no suspicious growths and mold. Otherwise, know that the tree is sick for a long time and you do not stand for! The average weight of a healthy fluffy Christmas tree of a given height on average 6 kg. Furthermore, it should check to see whether showered with tree needles: this trunk should be slightly hit the ground like a stick. If in this case everything was studded with needles, give preference to another instance. The smell of the New Year. Another little test that will help determine when the tree was cut down: take a pair of needles and mash them. If the tree is fresh, you will immediately feel the bright smell of pine needles, and the oil trail left palm. ... And one more check for freshness! Slightly bend one from the clutches of Christmas trees - it should not break! If this happens, the tree, unfortunately dry. How to buy cheaper? If you do not want to overpay, buy directly herringbone December 31. Traders need as quickly as possible to sell their goods, so prices will plummet. Yes, and look at New Year's Eve it will be much better than bought for a couple of weeks before the holiday.