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New Year

7 ways to celebrate New Year in a new way

Make the meeting of the New Year, you will remember for a lifetime!

7 ways to celebrate New Year in a new way Festival of taste! "Olivie". "Herring under a Fur Coat" and tangerines - it is certainly nice, but why not try New Year's Eve something completely new? Time is still enough Internet will help you learn the culinary traditions of other countries. Purchase products - and forward, to create culinary masterpieces with your family! New Year -... In other nations you can learn not only food, but also the tradition! For example, in Italy in the last minute of the outgoing year it decided to throw out unnecessary things - is that it allows you to get rid of all miseries in the coming year. But every Japanese believe that in the New Year's Eve with you will certainly need to have a rake to make it than "rake" happiness! New Year dikix conditions. Try to celebrate the New Year in the forest! Completely new impressions of decoration growing in the forest beauty, sculpting snowmen, snowball fights and dances around a campfire guaranteed! In the most beautiful places of his native city. At night, the main take friends, champagne and nemudrenyh zakus and go on specific platforms of your town, which opens at midnight a great view of the fireworks! Active New Year. If you are tired of gravity and a hangover after a night, figuratively Gauvreau, in front of TV with basin "Olivie", Try to spend the New Year in the open air: in the ski lodge or on a city skating rink (in advance to find out whether it will be open!). In another country. Of course, not everyone can afford such a trip, but enough impressions for the year ahead! By the way, this implies the following scenario ... New Year above the ground. In other words, in the plane. Typically, before the holidays, ticket prices are rising, but it is cheaper in the New Year. So try podgadat so that midnight has come at precisely the moment when you are in flight. The bonus will what you save on tickets!