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New Year

How do I use fireworks on New Year's Eve

New Year is getting closer and closer, and with it, and with sparklers Christmas fireworks, pleasing crowds. But, buying Christmas fireworks, we must not forget about safety rules.

How do I use fireworks on New Year's Eve

Instruction how to use fireworks for the new year

Step 1:

Do not purchase fireworks from suspicious sellers. They do not give you a guarantee that this technique cherished under the right conditions, it is not over a period of use. Try to buy a New Year's attributes only in specialty shops with a certificate and a guarantee on their products.

Step 2:

In no case do not use pyrotechnics drunk!

Step 3:

Any product you want to use fireworks outdoors only. This does not apply sparklers, firecrackers and candles.

Step 4:

It is strictly forbidden to use fireworks to persons under 16 years of age.

Step 5:

Carefully read the instructions before use. If something from those described in this seemed incomprehensible to you - you should consult either the retailer.

Step 6:

In no case do not bend over pyrotechnic products! Burn them with arm's special matches, and immediately go to a safe place as the wick is burning these products quickly enough.

Step 7:

In addition to the rules, talking about what to do with pyrotechnics, and should also be aware of what in any case can not be done with it. And this: - pyrotechnics strike, throw or pull the wick; - Left unattended, especially keep away from small children; - Carelessly refers to the rules of storage of pyrotechnics; - Try to remake the pyrotechnic product.