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How not to be alone on New Year's night

When someone suddenly becomes ill or goes on a business trip, well planned event for the celebration of New Year breaks. In order not to be alone in a New Year's Eve, it is useful to have in reserve a few extra options as in the cheerful company noted a magical holiday.

How not to be alone on New Year's night

You will need:

- phone; - the Internet; - Acquaintances or friends in Russia / abroad; - Champagne; - Treats.

Instruction how not to be alone on New Year's night

Step 1:

friends invite each other to note at just a few days or weeks before the holiday. But when planning your own event, you refuse. Do not do so in the future, so as not to be alone on New Year's night, because plans can change rapidly. Instead, "No, thank you", say, "Thank you, be sure to think about it. Call you later". In this case you will have "alternate airfield", where you will land on a holiday in the event of an extraordinary situation.

Step 2:

Sami ring up friends and acquaintances, inviting look to your Christmas light. You can even come up with a holiday theme and original snacks and drinks. This will certainly tell when you invite yourself. All are happy to come to sample your brand fondue or play board games.

Step 3:

Note New Year in the company of complete strangers on the street carnivals. They are held in all the cities of Russia and, in addition to the main squares, have counterparts in the sleeping areas. Where to go - you decide. Bring a bottle of champagne and tangerines, select a nice company and ask them to drink safely for the New Year.

Step 4:

Book a table to celebrate the New Year in a restaurant or club. There are going to both companies and single people to spend the night fun. You will be able to celebrate not only interesting, but also to make useful contacts.

Step 5:

Please contact relatives or friends on Skype. This innovative way to celebrate the New Year with relatives and people close to you will allow to raise the glass several times. After all, every person in your video conference can live in a completely different region of the country or abroad.

Step 6:

Suggest best friend to celebrate the New Year together. Be sure to let us know that their parents will not be home all night, and you will not be able to sleep until morning. Buy favorite drink, prepare snacks and remember your favorite children's fun together.

Step 7:

Embark on a New Year trip. Select a location, especially popular among people your age (consult your travel agency). There's sure to be a rousing New Year party, a festive table and a lot of fun and happy people.