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New Year

How not to gain weight in the New Year

New Year's Eve - a magical time. It makes almost all superstitious people, and those forgetting their usual beliefs, seek the Charter of the table the most delicious, delicious and hearty. It is considered to be the same as if you celebrate a holiday of fun and bursting with viands table, then the year will be well fed so carefree. However, all this abundance of nutritious, which then eats a lot more than one day of the Christmas holidays, halloo to one another overweight and exhausting diets. Why pay for the pleasure of such a high price? It is enough to come to the celebration of the mind.

How not to gain weight in the New Year

Instruction how to not gain weight in the new year

Step 1:

Cooking Christmas dinner, prefer light meals and snacks. Let them be festive, beautiful, elegant but easy. Heavy hearty salads with fat mayonnaise has no place on the festive table - they are hopelessly out of date. In an extreme case, if you are convinced that the New Year without "Olivier" just do not come, replace mayonnaise or sour cream in it unsweetened yogurt with a teaspoon of mustard.

Step 2:

Count the number of servings of the food is prepared according to the number of guests. A few days to eat up uneaten in the festive night - a very bad habit that adversely affects the health and figure. Besides, think about it, the shelf life of "Olivier" in the refrigerator for 18 hours. After that, use your favorite dishes can have consequences ranging from indigestion and ending with severe poisoning. The same goes for mayonnaise and other salad dressings.

Step 3:

In the New Year holidays, try to cook every day, and not a "pot of borscht a week." Eat a varied and balanced, trying to stay away from fried foods and high-calorie delicacies. More walk, go outdoors, skiing and skating, have fun in entertainment centers, visit their relatives.

Step 4:

Do not forget that the excess weight you can "earn" and in numerous campaigns for guests that happen during New Year holidays. So be careful not to pull in my mouth all that welcoming and hospitable hosts put up on the table. Especially since the midst of this "only" may be the same "Olivier", a half-eaten at the banquet table. Is it worth it to turn your body into a trash / waste recovery only in order not to offend someone?

Step 5:

Consume less alcohol. New Year's holidays tightly associated with abundant libations. However, like any other holidays. But the last week and a half, which is fraught with not only followed by delirium tremens, but overweight. The fact that alcohol itself calorie product, and if we add it to the abundant snack, the shape can be "do handle".

Step 6:

During the holidays, take the time once or twice to visit bath or sauna. This is a wonderful pastime that you can enjoy, for example, in the company of friends. The hot steam bath under a birch broom svezhenabranny your fat melts a bit and then come together with the body of the whole muck and illness.