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New Year

How should you celebrate New Year's Eve

If you interrogate their friends for their most favorite holiday, many among the most fun and the long-awaited call New Year's Eve. His love both children and adults, and is celebrated in almost every family. New Year's holidays in our country last few days, and those who want to meet the new year fun and exciting, there are all possibilities for this.

How should you celebrate New Year's Eve

Instruction how to celebrate New Year

Step 1:

New Year celebrations last for more than a week, so you have a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the beginning of the year are not at home watching television, but somewhere closer to nature. If you want to get an unforgettable experience, you need to celebrate the New Year, to leave the city. Find out who else from your family or friends want to meet this holiday with you. Decide on the total number of comers, including children.

Step 2:

Explore the map of the suburbs, probably in the area where you live, there are beautiful places where you can reach in a few hours. Suggest places are familiar, as well as visitors to the forum of your city online. Contact the travel agencies, which can also help you with the choice and booking a suitable location. Book online or by phone a cottage or country house, which the owners can take 2-3 days. Set the day of arrival on 31 December.

Step 3:

Inform everyone who has expressed a desire to celebrate the New Year together with you about the details of the trip and the date of departure. Most likely, you will need to hold a general meeting to discuss the details. Distribute who have food and drink purchases. Consider the menu New Year's table, but most of the dishes is better to cook at home, so as not to spend much time on it in the festive evening.

Step 4:

Give to those who will get to the venue of the festival on their own, maps and driving directions. Warn all that each family prepares number, performance, or competition for the Christmas program. Of course, it is advisable to be prepared and themed costumes. Include shopping list Christmas decorations, candles, sparklers, fireworks and firecrackers. Remind everyone to take a warm jacket, pants and comfortable winter footwear for walks and games in the snow.