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New Year

How to break away for the New Year

New Year's - a family holiday. However, it can be fun to meet. If you organize a theme party or meet at midnight under the water, that day will not be forgotten for a long time.

How to break away for the New Year

Instruction how to break in the new year

Step 1:

In many cities of Russia, opened the diving clubs. In normal times, the participants are trained in the pools, rehearse a sharp ascent, etc. A New Year's Eve instructors organize these centers for all comers extreme event. At the bottom of the pool is fixed tree and plastic tables and chairs. Everyone close to midnight don wetsuits and gear for diving - scuba and mask. Then they descend into the water, and follow the prompts master, exactly at twelve o'clock to open the champagne. Of course, to drink it under water will not work. But clink glasses with others - quite. Then the whole company rises to the top, where already waiting laid tables and a fun festive program.

Step 2:

If you are not a fan of scuba diving, organize a theme party at home. For example, dip the guests into the atmosphere of Chicago of the thirties of the last century. Make it easy. Suffice it at the entrance of young people hand out cigars and cowboy hats, and ladies - laced collars and small bags - clutches. These attributes help who came to feel the festive mood and will be a wonderful gift for the New Year. In addition, arrange home improvised casino, download the Internet rhythms of the period, cook different cocktails. This event is sure to be remembered by all who visited your home.

Step 3:

If you want to break away in nature - go to the forest. It is best to choose a place far away from residential settlements that, if necessary, to purchase the missing products or ask for help. Pre-select a suitable clearing with a tree. Dress her tinsel, toys. Organize a place to rest, erecting benches made of logs. Spread the fire and prepare a gala dinner. Stock up scenarios of mobile games. For example, a competition for the most original Snowman. This will help all those present not to freeze and have fun until midnight. At twelve, open the champagne and start the fireworks in the night sky. Make a wish, it will come true!