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New Year

How to celebrate New Year 2012

New Year 2012 will be held under the symbol of the Black Water Dragon. It must meet the active and have fun in a relaxed friendly or family circle, because the dragon loves fireworks, games and fun.

How to celebrate New Year 2012

Instruction how to meet the new 2012 year

Step 1:

The main symbols are the dragon 2012, wood and water. These items must be present in a festive decoration of the house. You can also use sea shells, stars, images Osmino, fish and other marine life. Magnificent decoration of your home will become a miniature fountains and waterfalls. Always in the apartment or house should be a figure of a dragon, as the host of next year. If not, you can use a soft toy or a picture with his image.

Step 2:

As a gift for the new year yourself and loved ones prepare talismans with dragon and carry them with you in the coming year. This can be key chains, pendants for mobile phones, small toys, refrigerator magnets. Put dragons in all rooms except the bedrooms, and it all year will protect your house from adversity.

Step 3:

The main materials for the Christmas decorations should be wood, glass, crystal and flowers. Perfectly suited for the festive decoration of vases, figurines and composition of dried flowers and tree branches.

Step 4:

Celebrate the New Year should be so. For a couple of minutes before the momentous battle chimes distract from the surrounding bustle, calm and mentally thank the Rabbit, the patron saint of the passing year, for the good things you have in 2011. Imagine all the good out of 2011 moves with you in the coming year, and all the problems and failures in the past. After the fight, mentally chimes greet the new owner - the Dragon and meet the new year with a positive attitude.

Step 5:

In the Year of the Dragon is recommended to give people love and goodness, astrologers say it all comes back to you in two ways. If, however, you will be negative, it will strengthen the Dragon toward you.

Step 6:

On New Year's celebration should be a lot of rhythmic contemporary music. Movement in the dances should symbolize the dragon's grace and be something sharp, then a slowed-hypnotic. The main New Year's Eve - show more activity and excitement.

Step 7:

The attire should be bright colors, and a little black. Suit brilliant decoration, as in fairy tales Dragons often appear guardians of treasures and treasure. For the New Year will suit unusual, fantastic outfits. Make-up and manicure, too, can make a fantasy as the Dragon - a mythical animal.

Step 8:

On the festive table have to be fish cooked in any way. Serve an table, put candles and light them during the holiday. To keep the enchanting atmosphere using sparklers as dragon - fire-breathing beast.

Step 9:

Celebrate New Year's Eve fun and active, play games more laugh and joke, and then Dragon will assess your activity and mind, and will be your patron saint throughout the year.