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New Year

How to celebrate New Year and Christmas

Adults and children are looking forward to the onset of winter fun and colorful holidays: Christmas and New Year. A month before the New Year, people around the world to establish order in their homes, pay their debts, complete the business started, buy gifts, choosing outfits and costumes, make up the menu and celebration plan and stocking with fun and good mood.

How to celebrate New Year and Christmas

Instruction how to celebrate Christmas and New Year

Step 1:

To get ready for the holidays in advance. Place your full order in the house, decorate the Christmas tree and the interior of the premises. Purchase advance gifts for New Year's Eve and gifts for Christmas.

Step 2:

Consider a holiday theme. Along with all the family members decorate the interior in an appropriate way. For example, Japanese New Year party, a guest of the fairy tale, the international New Year. The main thing that was a harmony between the external attributes of the interior, costumes and holiday program.

Step 3:

Christmas conditionally consists of 3 parts: the liturgy in the Cathedral, dinner with the first star, carols. Therefore, every man for himself to decide what part of the feast will begin. The main symbols of the holiday are the figures of angels on the Christmas tree, a bundle of straw under the tablecloth as a reminder of Christ, iron object under the table as a symbol of prosperity and health attributes of Christmas carols (star, colorful bag, bell, costumes).

Step 4:

In drawing up the program consider the interests of the present. The holiday should be fun for everyone, so come up with competitions in accordance with the age characteristics and talents. Turn on the traditions of other peoples: the Italians - get rid of old things, as the English - Kiss under a sprig of mistletoe as the Bulgarians - in the dark for about 3 minutes to give away kisses and hugs as Mexicans - start a fireworks show as the Spaniards - Eat on a grape under the blows of Christmas chimes.

Step 5:

Now January 7 adult children and their families gather at their parents, congratulate each other a Merry Christmas, exchanging gifts. Christians traditionally festival starts with worship in the temple, and the meal start with the first evening star. After congratulations and gifts youth caroling begins, treating hosts kutey home, jokes, worship, and in return get candy, cakes, sweets.

Step 6:

Catholics Christmas begins on December 25 because the aliens are preparing for it in a big way, as the Russian New Year adorn the streets, preparing a massive presentation prepared national dishes (turkey, pig, carp, sweets) and start having fun in the morning. Therefore, we can meet a memorable Christmas abroad, and extraordinary New Year - in Russia.