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New Year

How to celebrate New Year at work

A series of Christmas events begins with a corporate event. The scale celebrations in the workplace is determined by management. If at the end of the year the company's finances are not "sing songs" that cares on the organization of the festival can be entrusted to professionals - agencies of the entertainment industry. But, if you decide to save, the preparation of a fully borne by the employees themselves. And then it is important to distribute the forces and resources properly.

How to celebrate New Year at work

Instruction how to celebrate New Year at work

Step 1:

Get the consent of the head. As a rule, the first thought of the New Year there in a group by the end of autumn. Having caught the general mood, take a couple of colleagues to support and go to the head. Only he can make a final decision on the form, place and time of corporate parties. In addition, without the signature of the head of accounting does not allocate money for training.

Step 2:

Create an action group. Turn it cheerful, energetic, intelligent, talented, artistic. In short, each employee get a job on the forces and capabilities. Your colleagues need to know in advance who hangs garlands, and who serves a buffet table. The role of the lead charge an employee who has a large vocabulary, speech delivered well and is able to respond quickly to unusual situations.

Step 3:

Think New Year's event format. The companies successfully tested the youth theme parties: gangster New Year, New Year's Eve disco, tropical New Year, etc. For uneven-age collective best option would be a masquerade. It is not necessary for it to transform into representatives of forest fauna. Suffice it to spectacular masks and additions in the form of hats and gloves.

Step 4:

Write a script holiday. Depending on the main theme, set the central intrigue of the evening. Suppose, for example, malicious competitors vykradut key to the hearts of customers. And the whole evening "Sherlock Holmes," your company will solve puzzles and pass competitive tasks, brings them closer to unraveling. Find the coveted key must, of course, chief. Tie the idea of ​​a holiday with the company's activities in the past year, reviving its popular corporate jokes, stories and superstitions.

Step 5:

Include the script congratulations and rewarding. Let the head in the early evening set the tone for the event, briefly summarizing the year and noting the best employees. In the future, members of the team provide an opportunity to speak their own celebratory speech. Read aloud the congratulations received from customers and partners.

Step 6:

Pick music party. Write a composition on a single disc in the order in which they will be heard. Then you do not have to spend time searching for music.

Step 7:

Determine the place - a small "penny" - for dancing. It is not necessary, but desirable. Colleagues will thank you for the opportunity to demonstrate a sense of rhythm. Maybe you've even turned into an impromptu dance contest.

Step 8:

Prepare gifts. Let it be small, but the original thing, the same for all employees. Do not forget about the prizes for winning the New Year competitions.

Step 9:

Decorate the office. In the hall, which will host the main part of the event, set the tables and chairs, providing a comfortable passage. Hang Christmas paraphernalia - garlands, Christmas balls, snowflakes. If you meet the New Year in a certain style, design must conform to it.

Step 10:

Cover with a festive table. For office parties the ideal option would be a buffet. Some dishes can be enjoyed in the cafe, some prepare the forces of the female part of the team. Limit the alcohol component of the traditional soft drinks - champagne and wine.

Step 11:

Keep an eye on the development of the holiday according to the plan. Of course, deviations are possible, but the general attitude should not go out of control leading.

Step 12:

At the end of the evening make sure that the office has acquired a conventional well-groomed appearance. Let the morning on an excellent holiday for you and your colleagues to resemble photographs, and not the mountain of empty bottles and dirty dishes.