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New Year

How to celebrate New Year in other countries

Long New Year holidays - the perfect time to travel abroad. The pre-holiday time, rising prices of services and hotels, popular places crowded with tourists, but lovers of new impressions that does not stop. Celebrate the New Year abroad - what could be more interesting!

How to celebrate New Year in other countries

Instruction how to meet the new year in other countries

Step 1:

An excellent choice of New Year trip - Scandinavia. You can celebrate the New Year on a ferry sailing from Stockholm to Helsinki. Certainly on board will be a lot of both, so that you will feel quite comfortable. The ferry usually meet holiday as much as three times - in Swedish, Finnish and in Russian. For a fee, you get a very decent holiday dinner, after which provides dancing and other entertainment.

Step 2:

If you want privacy, remove a small cottage in Finland. This is a very budget option - weekly rental cottage for four people costs about 150 euro. From entertainment guaranteed hiking, sledding and cross country skiing, dog sledding rides and other outdoor activities. And, of course, a sauna, in which, by the way, too, can celebrate the New Year.

Step 3:

Those planning to attend one of the European capitals, it makes sense to go to Prague. Here you will find a luxurious festive illumination, the streets spill hot mulled wine, and you can buy wonderful Christmas gifts at fairs. Prague seemed designed for leisurely walking tours - it is impossible to get lost here, and if you get hungry, you can hearty and inexpensive meal at any of the numerous restaurants and cafes. Stay at one of the guest houses or small hotels in the center of the city and make a celebratory dinner at a restaurant nearby. Or you can celebrate in the streets, together with Prague residents and guests of the city - for example, on Wenceslas Square and Charles Bridge.

Step 4:

A nice way to celebrate the New Year - a trip to the Baltic states. In Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius very comfortable and quite cheap hotel, also for the holidays, you can visit all three capitals, and even a glimpse into one of the neighboring countries, such as Poland. Once in Riga, you can celebrate the New Year in the Old Town - here love to celebrate local people. Be sure to buy souvenirs at one of the many New Year's special stock markets. Then sell very beautiful toys and all sorts of options marzipan - from tiny figurines to huge sets. A big plus of the Baltic capitals - the presence of Russian-speaking guides and holiday programs for tourists from Russia.

Step 5:

Those who want to necessarily meet holiday on the beach or even in a warm country, it is necessary to go to Thailand or Egypt. However, in these countries do not have to count on a budget vacation. In Egypt Book only five-star hotels, and in advance - in early December of empty seats can not be in the best hotels. Not a bad alternative to expensive Egypt - Israel. There are many places where you can celebrate the New Year with a purely Russian sweep in the purely Russian companies. With the sun and the sea in January will not be problems too.