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How to celebrate New Year in Russia

In Russia there are many traditions relating to the New Year celebration. However, not everyone knows that most of them have come from different countries and cultures. This is because, Christianity, adopted in Russia, destroyed the pagan traditions, and also became known in Russia to bring new customs, which are then accepted by the people.

How to celebrate New Year in Russia

Instruction how to celebrate New Year in Russia

Step 1:

In every age makes its own symbols and rituals, which then became a tradition in the celebration of the New Year. Paganism was able to bring to our days entertainers and clowns, which now can be found in the New Year and Christmas holidays. Since the time of Peter the Great has become a tradition to celebrate the New Year with a dressed up Christmas tree, fireworks, give gifts and to prepare a salad "Olivier". Prior to that, the table can be seen cakes and cereals. In Soviet times, there was Santa Claus, have become an integral part of the holiday, as well as mandarins, champagne and chiming clock.

Step 2:

New Year in Russia to celebrate at home. Most of the inhabitants of our country spend this holiday with the family with family and friends, which is an integral part of the meal, watching TV and entertainment president's New Year's appeal.

Step 3:

In the New Year's Eve people make a wish under the chiming clock, hand each other gifts. Some families have bought for the occasion of Father Frost, or it becomes one of the guests. It gives the kids candy and toys. Another tradition - to put presents under the Christmas tree.

Step 4:

Some people prefer this variant celebration trip to the guests. Ever since the days of Peter I there was a tradition to go on a visit to the New Year's Eve, give gifts, to congratulate each other, to organize extensive celebrations. However, this option is preferable for young people. Families with children and elderly people, choose the first option in the main event.

Step 5:

New Year celebration program can be very diverse. Usually it is fun contests, outdoor fun, fireworks, firecrackers. They are attended by both kids and adults, which also fall into childhood in the New Year's Eve.

Step 6:

A very small percentage of Russians celebrate the New Year in a restaurant, a nightclub, in the country or abroad. It's no wonder the most important holiday of the year is traditionally considered a family.