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New Year

How to celebrate New Year in the company

New Year - the most anticipated holiday for both kids and their parents. All is a miracle awaiting this day. To your holiday pleased all present relatives and friends, come up with an interesting scenario and arrange some unforgettable magical show.

How to celebrate New Year in the company

Instruction how to celebrate New Year in the company

Step 1:

Predefine a meeting place for the New Year: in a city apartment or in a house outside the city.

Step 2:

Decorate the room with garlands, balloons, candles, lanterns. If you want to create a relaxed atmosphere, write on colored paper humorous Christmas greetings, wishes and jokes about Santa Claus.

Step 3:

Buy prizes for contests and gifts for guests and family members.

Step 4:

Colorfully issue the invitation (it is easy to do by resorting to the help of children) and send them to friends. Choose invitations that you arrange the New Year carnival, and therefore expect to see them in an unusual costume and mask.

Step 5:

Christmas tree set, but do not dress up in advance. This you can do in conjunction with the company, it's like beating the competition task. Divide all the participants into teams, give the necessary material for making Christmas decorations (colored paper, foil, "rain", Cotton, paint, adhesive, etc.). Warn the participants that the task is limited time (until the end of a musical composition). For the most original Christmas tree decorations presents gifts such as champagne.

Step 6:

Do not forget to mention the best Christmas costume.

Step 7:

Select "queen" and "King" New Year's Eve. Call them to slow dance and hand them humorous "certificates king and queen" (They should be designed in advance somehow interesting on the computer and put in a frame).

Step 8:

Organize a game of forfeits, which can be put into the bag to Santa Claus. If your company have gathered only relatives, well-known people, the jobs can be humorous or erotic nature. For example, you can snap a pencil from behind to clothes, put a bottle of champagne and offer, crouching, get a pencil into the neck.

Step 9:

Divide into two teams and arrange the song contest: participants must turn to remember and sing songs in chorus about the New Year or winter.

Step 10:

Arrange a competition for the best and original design of the New Year dishes (do not forget to prepare in advance the necessary products).

Step 11:

After the battle of chimes come out into the fresh air and arrange fireworks, launching fireworks.