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New Year

How to celebrate New Year in the Crimea

Traditionally, the New Year is associated with a dressed up Christmas trees, tangerines and slowly falling snow flakes. The original offer to go at this time of the sea. When the whole country is playing in the snow and listens greeting the president, they bask on the sandy beaches of Bali. And those who do not have enough money to fly to the sunny islands can have fun to celebrate the onset of the Crimea next year.

How to celebrate New Year in the Crimea

Instruction how to celebrate the New Year in the Crimea

Step 1:

In the New Year's holidays in the Crimean cities run hotels and pensions. Look for their customers and the owners of private houses and apartments. You will be able to choose their own accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets, from luxurious villas and ending with a small room with windows to the garden.

Step 2:

Staying in the Crimea in the winter - it's a great opportunity to go skiing. The most popular place - the mountain Ai-Petri and Angarsk pass. Necessary equipment - skis, sledges, snowboards, snowmobiles issued on the spot. You also can only enjoy outdoor activities and enjoy the snow-covered landscapes.

Step 3:

Another of the attractions of winter Crimea - a waterfall. Picturesque in any season, in late December, they become full-flowing and very beautiful.

Step 4:

Vacationers who prefer traditionally celebrate the New Year sitting at the banquet table with a variety of food and champagne, can take part in a Christmas program that spends a hotel or resort where they were staying. Rent housing in the private sector in the holiday itself can go to one of the many restaurants or clubs, where the New Year's program will be held. You need only buy tickets in advance.

Step 5:

Lovers of unusual entertainment can celebrate New Year in a cave. Marble Cave is among the five most beautiful caves in Europe. Simferopol speleotsentr took up her equipment and spends New Year's celebration for everyone. Near the six-meter stalactite established tree, around which the guests drink champagne. After that you can rise to the surface in order to start the fireworks.

Step 6:

Cold winter sea charms and recalls paintings by Aivazovsky. Dress warmly, bag stocked with provisions and go with your loved one on the sea shore. You will experience a great watch and be able to meet together winter dawn of the first day of the new year.