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New Year

How to celebrate New Year in Volgograd

Meet the New Year - a special event in the life of Volgograd. This holiday is considered to be in a city with one of the most important and loved. So celebrate it here in a big way and know exactly how to make the celebration memorable and fun.

How to celebrate New Year in Volgograd

Instruction how to meet the new year in Volgograd

Step 1:

In Volgograd often arrange home New Year's celebration. If you have young children, are invited to visit Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. Similar services are provided by many organizations in Volgograd. Among them - the art agency "Country Ygrande», «Mr. Alen »,« DzhazART "and others. In addition, it is possible to apply to private parties. On the eve of New Year, relevant ads appear on the Internet as well as print media ( "Hand in Hand", "All for you", "Domino", etc.). However, in this case, you should be extremely cautious. Chances stumble upon not too professional animators. To the New Year meeting was not spoiled, it is better to work with proven and reliable companies.

Step 2:

You do not want to sit at home? Then go look at one of the Christmas trees. In Volgograd, they are installed in each district of the city. The main tree emblazoned on the Square of the fallen soldiers. As a rule, there are developed all the major New Year's events. Hundreds of people come here to celebrate New Year's noisy company, under the chiming clock in unison shouting "Hurrah!" And blow up firecrackers.

Step 3:

By the way, blow up firecrackers and fireworks can arrange personal and courtyard. In Volgograd, this tradition is widespread. Immediately after the fight chimes residents take to the streets and enjoy a true "fire-show" of the pre-acquired pyrotechnic articles. But do not forget about safety! Purchase fireworks only in specialized trade outlets and carefully read the instructions before use.

Step 4:

New Year in Volgograd can be found in one of the many cafes and restaurants. For instance, in the retro club "Old Stalingrad", "Volgograd" restaurants, "Mayak", "7 sky", "the Princess yard", "Schinok" etc. Will is a bit more expensive home celebration, but also in such a holiday has its advantages. You do not have to deal with the organizational moments. For you, it will make the selected institution staff. All you have to book a table remains. All guests are waiting for a chic table and an entertainment program. Bored just do not have!

Step 5:

And, of course, do not forget about cultural events. Visit one of the Christmas trees. Their annual circus suits Volgograd, Palace of Sports, Volgograd Puppet Theatre, Theatre for Young People, etc. Here are just tickets should be reserved in advance. Usually they are bought in early December.