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New Year

How to celebrate New Year northeast

In China not celebrate the change of the year, and getting rid of the bad luck and the coming of spring. The traditions of this day come from the ancient legend of the terrible huge dragon. This mythical beast on the first night of spring crawled out of their caves to eat as many people as possible. Chinese residents were afraid that will not live till morning, so carefully brought their house and affairs in order, put on the best clothes, to appear before the face of death with dignity. The whole family gathered together on the alleged last supper. But once people have noticed how terrible dragon afraid of noise, fire, red. So they began to wear bright red clothes, run noisy fireworks light the lanterns. Alarmed monster shamefully fled, and the Chinese were celebrating the deliverance from it.

How to celebrate New Year northeast

You will need:

- elegant clothes; - Sparklers; - Wishes on red paper.

Instruction how to meet the eastern New Year

Step 1:

Place your home perfect purity in advance of the onset of the New Year's day, or sweep away from home success. Take away cutting tools (knives, scissors), so as not to cut off the path to your apartment happiness and good fortune. Do not sleep in the night and do not let anyone sleep in the family! It is impossible to meet the eastern New Year in the bedroom and bed. Even young children and sick people should be festively dressed and take part in a festive meal.

Step 2:

Do not swear and do not complain, do not remember the bad and do not borrow money, do not punish your children and do not talk about the disease, do not cut your hair, and do not talk about ghosts. All this according to Chinese beliefs can bring you bad luck in the new year. Rejoice yourself and your family fun, bring light to people! In this case, your coming year will be successful and happy.

Step 3:

Choose the best clothes for a meeting of the Chinese year. This does not mean that you should put on the road, but strict dress. The bright red color, sparkle and shine - that is perfect for the night. Now the Chinese put on the dress of any color, but not white (in China it means sorrow and death).

Step 4:

Residence decorate in red tones. Get the traditional Chinese wishes, written in calligraphy on red paper. Typically, it says: "Peace and tranquility for the entire year" and "God be always peace and tranquility." Arrange all dishes and bowls of oranges, tangerines, candy and dried fruit. Very popular in China in the night fresh flowers. Light all the candles, lanterns, garlands - to all this glittering, flickering, flashing and shimmered.

Step 5:

Prepare dishes that symbolize wealth and prosperity. Long noodles break and can not be cut - it is longevity. If you have the opportunity, make a Chinese restaurant traditional food, which is served on a table at a meeting of the eastern New Year. Or you can just buy all the things that you love, you want to see on your holiday table, which would mean a luxury for you.

Step 6:

Give money to each other in small red envelopes. The sum must be even, but should not include a figure-four (it's an unlucky number for the Chinese). It is better if in the amount of Eight meet, it is consonant with the "wealth" in Chinese. Congratulating and welcoming, close desire financial prosperity and well-being.

Step 7:

With fireworks and fireworks Be careful. You can restrict sparklers and crackers, still nothing can compare with the beauty of the fireworks in China. In the New Year's Eve they last a few hours. People on the streets admiring the twinkling stars, flowers, mythical characters and wishes of happiness. The water of the rivers and bays of China is filled with homemade boat with burning torches and lamps.