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New Year

How to celebrate the Chinese New Year

Now there is a tendency to celebrate not only the traditional Russian, but also of the international festivals. Among them there is a very interesting and rich in traditions, such as the New Year on the Chinese calendar. In China itself, it is celebrated on a grand scale, but in Russia this holiday can be made fun and interesting.

How to celebrate the Chinese New Year

Instruction how to celebrate Chinese New Year

Step 1:

Check dates, which accounts for the Chinese New Year this year. It is changing as the traditional Chinese calendar is not based on the sun, and on the lunar calendar. New Year begins on the first new moon after the winter solstice, that is, between 21 January and 21 February, for example, in 2012 it will come 23 January. To determine the date of the next years use comparative table posted on the website "12 months» -

Step 2:

Choose clothes in which you want to celebrate the holiday. According to Chinese tradition, the New Year greeting wearing red clothes. Also, each of the coming year has its official color, for example, in 2012 - black. The elements of this color can also be added to the suit. The clothes, especially for children, can also be used for carnival items such as masks, as the parade in costumes - it is an indispensable part of the festival in Chinese cities.

Step 3:

Decide where you want to celebrate this holiday - at home or in a restaurant. If you choose the second option in the weeks before the holiday ring up Chinese restaurants in your city, and verify, if they have any special celebration of the New Year's Day. Many of these institutions are not only organized a festive program, but also prepare special dishes served traditionally on a festive table.

Step 4:

If you want to stay for a holiday home, decorate your home. Traditional Chinese decoration element - a red lanterns, which can be done independently of colored paper, or buy in stores oriental souvenirs.

Step 5:

Another traditional element of the Chinese New Year - it's fireworks. Treat their choice carefully, buy fireworks only from a licensed stores. If you can not run them, limit sparklers - they can be used indoors.

Step 6:

For the home cook holiday special Chinese New Year dishes. In many Chinese families on New Year's table serving different kinds of dumplings. The Chinese dumplings, in addition to ground beef, you can add garlic, celery, ginger root, even the rice noodles. Also popular in the shrimp dumplings, which are made from a special rice cake. Cooking ravioli is also a symbolic meaning, binding family - this dish is traditionally prepared all together and sing while cooking Christmas pesni.Krome dumplings on the table for the New Year is often served different kinds of noodles with sauce. The table should be abundantly covered with - is a good sign, promising abundance in the coming year.

Step 7:

Having prepared everything necessary to start the New Year's Day meeting friends and relatives with a celebratory dinner. You can then exchange gifts - in China for this holiday often give money as a wish of abundance in the coming year. And then, if possible, you can make time for zapuskaniya fireworks.