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How to celebrate the holiday with his beloved

Holidays are usually full of turmoil around the large number of people, from all sides came the music and loud voices. But you can take a break in this fun and spend the holiday alone with your partner. It is only necessary to think in advance on the script of the day.

How to celebrate the holiday with his beloved

You will need:

- a bottle of wine or champagne; - Tickets to an amusement park; - Food for a romantic dinner; - A gift for the favorite.

Instruction how to celebrate the holiday with his beloved

Step 1:

Agree with the girl that you want to celebrate it together. Warn in advance of their friends and relatives, so that you no one prevented. Talk to your favorite, ask her how she would like to spend time. If any special preferences no, you can follow their own desires. Before anything organize, plan your holiday.

Step 2:

Prepare gift for their halves. Select it according to the official date. If it's her birthday, respectively, and a surprise to be more appropriate. On a more general holidays quite some nice trinkets and souvenirs. If you allow the financial capabilities, give a piece of jewelry - the girl he is always happy.

Step 3:

Take a walk through the city together. Take a walk through your favorite places to take a trip to an amusement park and ride on the carousel. This, at first glance, child labor understands the mood and create a festive atmosphere. Have fun, do not hesitate to express their emotions. Buy your girlfriend a bright balloon ride by boat or catamaran in the park.

Step 4:

Dine in an unfamiliar cafe or restaurant. The holiday - the best time to learn a new place for you. For meals, the names of which will seem unusual. Treated each other, say compliments instead of toast, dance, remember the pleasant moments and remember every moment of this day.

Step 5:

In the evening, cover the table for a romantic dinner. Prepare any dish together. Joint Food brings people together, and thus obtain food seems the most delicious. Buy a bottle of your favorite wine or champagne, make a wish in the New Year. When the air is filled with positive emotions, there is no doubt that all of the hidden true. After dinner, watch a romantic melodrama or a fun comedy. Whatever the scenario of your holiday, the main thing - your good mood. It will be the most vivid to him, even an ordinary day.