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New Year

How to celebrate the New Year at the camp site

Traditional New Year's Eve - at home, with your family or close friends. But there are a lot of options as interesting and unusual to celebrate this holiday, for example, to go to meet him at the camp site.

How to celebrate the New Year at the camp site

Instruction how to meet the new year on a camp site

Step 1:

Winter - it's probably the only time when the motels, guest houses and camp sites can compete with foreign sea resorts. Pre-order at the camp site house, preferably near the forest. So you can see the New Year directly on the lap of nature, in a real live tree.

Step 2:

Take care of the drinks and treats for the festive table, as well as various other little things that will brighten your holiday. If you choose to celebrate the New Year in nature, without a hot, for example, do not barbecue. Pre-marinate the meat for him and prepare everything necessary for a fire. Salads in the woods and can not cook - it will be enough cuts, fruit, sandwiches and pickles or mushrooms.

Step 3:

Do not forget to take with forks, knives, napkins, glasses, plates, trash bags. From drinks in handy in such a situation will be mulled wine - it will help to keep warm in cold weather.

Step 4:

Supplies Christmas decorations to decorate their Christmas tree in the forest. You will also need warm blankets and folding chairs to sit on because the snow did not want to. Just necessary thing for you would be a portable receiver - even though you are in nature, drink champagne under the chiming clock - it's a tradition. Music will create a festive mood.

Step 5:

On 31 December, together with all its fun now go to a pre-planned place. If your children have a rest with you, be sure to take them with you. This winter tale will certainly cause them a bunch of emotions and remember.

Step 6:

Distribute their duties: someone let the Kindle fire, others are preparing a festive "table", and others are clearing the clearing of snow and decorate the Christmas tree. In the process of preparation in order to keep warm, mulled wine you can drink, dance and have fun.

Step 7:

Originally approach and to the awarding of the Christmas gifts. Hide them, such as in the snow or under the tree, arrange a comic quest gifts with tips. This game is sure to please everyone, both adults and children.

Step 8:

If you do not want to cook yourself a holiday for yourself, visit the entertainment and parties that the administration of camp sites offer vacationers. In the New Year and Christmas holidays certainly held all sorts of competitions, prize drawings and gifts, Christmas run fireworks and fireworks. For children there are special game programs.