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New Year

How to celebrate the Old New Year

Old New Year is celebrated from 13 to 14 January. He completes the festive marathon, which started on the night of 31 December. Special output is not provided on this day, but in many families it is celebrated as fun as the Christmas and New Year.

How to celebrate the Old New Year

Instruction how to celebrate Old New Year

Step 1:

In some regions still preserved the tradition of the Old New Year dress up in costumes and go caroling to the neighbors. In Mordovia this festival even has its own name Usenki. Young people dress up in brightly colored scarves and vintage caps, lead dances, sing songs on the streets. Why not learn from this tradition and adapt it for the urban environment? Gather with friends and family, invent funny clothes and go into the yard. Decorate trees with tinsel and garlands, playing snowballs, sculpting snowmen. This method is good in many ways, that take part in the games can be both children and adults. Cooperative games unite the family, also will have the opportunity to make friends, finally, with the neighbors.

Step 2:

If you are tired of the noisy celebrations, spend the old New Year at home. Prepare a delicious dinner, chill champagne. Sit with relatives of elegantly laid table. Look at family photo albums. Discuss plans for the coming year. Plan vacations, trips to friends and relatives. Think about the possibility of buying new appliances, car, country house. Such evenings with family plans help to structure and select the most effective ways to implement all plans.

Step 3:

If the family to get you have not yet, spend the evening with friends. Arrange home Hawaiian party. Let the blizzard outside and cold in the rooms will be bright flowers and cocktails. Soak briefly in a warm summer. Hang on the wall photos from the shores of the Caribbean Sea. Cook the seafood, light salads, vegetables and rice. Stir delicious liqueurs with fizzy soda. Turn incendiary Latin American music. Download online video course and learn to dance Lombada. Guests just do not want to leave this sunny, summer house.