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New Year

How to come up with a scenario for the New Year

All of us often wonder how to celebrate the event so that it was all fun, interesting. I would like to holiday left many pleasant memories. The answer is very simple - the main thing is to prepare the scenario of the event. And for that you need to consider a few points.

How to come up with a scenario for the New Year

You will need:

- paper; - a pen; - Famous films; - Fiction books; - Book contests.

Instruction how to come up with a script for the new year

Step 1:

Perform pre-deployment training. Count the number of guests: it will be only your family members and close friends, or the feast is organized on a larger number of people. If guests will be a lot, then you need to find out what is common between them which topics they are interested in. How people are active and ready to participate in various competitions. It is also important to find out whether the little children among the guests.

Step 2:

At the second stage of preliminary preparation see where will be held the feast, because depending on the size of the room will need to be selected and the respective competitions. It is important that no one is crippled in a small room apartments all together when trying to play active games.

Step 3:

Note the time that is set aside to hold a festive event. It is important that all of your games and competitions do not come to an end before the holiday comes to an end, and also it is not necessary to write a script is too long, so as not to delay longer than the designated time guests.

Step 4:

The next step is to select the main direction of the script. Will it be themed New Year's Eve? If yes, in what category it will be held. Remember that New Year's theme should be clear and close to all the invitees. It is possible that common themes have invited there or they are not suitable for the New Year celebration. In this case, when writing the script and competitions to his best will focus on popular movies and books published in recent years, or bright social event known to all. It will be interesting to all the guests and make them more active.

Step 5:

Also, when writing the script and competitions to it make sure that the guests will be in formal attire, which is inconvenient, and sometimes even dangerous to participate in certain competitions is too active.

Step 6:

Then start writing the script. The most interesting are the scenarios to the overall development of the plot, for both children and adults. How, for example, in children's New Year's celebrations. The plot of the story - stole Snow Maiden. This is followed by development of the plot, ie, contests that help Snow White to "save". And in the end - the denouement, when Snow White saves, and children receive gifts for it. Thus, it is possible to build a scenario not only for children's parties.

Step 7:

In order to get the results of a wonderful holiday do not forget about some "unspoken" rules. First, at the outset let guests for about 30 minutes, so that they have time to eat a little and get to know each other. Secondly, start with idle contests, and "after-dinner", which aim to ensure that everyone, even sitting away from each other at the table people met. Third, when the guests ate, drank, got to know each other and feel more relaxed and relaxed, you can proceed to the main, active competitions and games.