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How to decorate a house on New Year's Eve 2016

One of the brightest holidays - New Year's Eve. To him are beginning to prepare long before the celebration. Everybody wants him to be remembered for a long time, so the home decoration too, should not be in last place.

How to decorate a house on New Year's Eve 2016

To begin decorating a room can be a door, above which will look good ceramic, plastic, porcelain or rag monkey - the symbol of the year. In order to give a festive atmosphere, next to the toy you need to hang bells, which will welcome the guests merry bells.

Crystal, wood or any other monkey figurines should be placed throughout the home. The well-known fact that monkeys like streamers, rain, and other decorations, so they should decorate the Christmas tree. On artificial fir need to put at least a few branches of fresh pine needles, which is a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

When decorating a room, you need to remember is that the element of next year - the fire. For this reason, all in the house should sparkle and shine. Great idea becomes decoration device of each of the guests a little song from a candle. To implement this idea, you should fill in the clay half walnut shell and center fix candle stick around which the small artificial flowers. When the guests are kept away from the table, you can light a candle, creating a cozy atmosphere. But if among the guests are children, it is best to take care of their security, and instead of the usual candles buy electric.

To give the room an even more attractive look for the symbol of the year, you need to hang on the walls and the ceiling garland-like lianas in the jungle. Decorated so the house is required to give a magical and indescribable mood and playful and fun loving monkey will certainly appreciate an attractive environment.

If the apartment is not enough space for a large Christmas tree in the new year, it does not mean that the situation in the room should not be a holiday. Not a bad solution - to decorate the empty walls. You can make an original wreath by gluing it to the multi-colored ribbons, berries, buds and add a small Christmas tree decorations. It's not hard to create a miniature Christmas tree. You just need to take a lot of coniferous branch, dress it to your liking and hang on the wall hook.

If the walls of the room occupied by the pictures, it can be attached to their frames pine sprigs.

Decoration of various shelves in the house, too, will give a festive mood. You can expand the tinsel, put a mini Christmas tree in a pot, arrange the Monkey figurines of Santa Claus, a snowman or just to spread Christmas colored balls.

The interior decoration should be used more red, gold and silver.