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New Year

How to decorate the nursery for the New Year

Fabulous holiday kids love - they write letters to Santa Claus with presents and look forward to taking an active part in the preparation for the New Year. Decorating a child's room - an exciting experience not only for children but also for parents.

How to decorate the nursery for the New Year

Instruction how to decorate the nursery for the new year

Step 1:

Replace or decorate textiles. Bedspread with Christmas symbols will decorate the crib, cushion covers can be decorated in the style of gift bags, and curtains adorn applique. As decorative elements ideal stars, snowflakes, animal figurines, huge red toy balls imitate Christmas decorations, etc. If there is no possibility to replace the covers, then nasheyte over colorful ribbons, bows fix the pillows. Prevailing Christmas colors - red, green, silver and gold.

Step 2:

Arrange the room fir paws. Christmas tree in the house should be one, and put it better than in the main room, where all the family members spend the evening. Children's room can be decorated with small homemade Christmas trees or fir feet soaked in a strong salt solution. Let your child cut paper simple decorations and hang on the branches.

Step 3:

Razrisuy window. Almost all children love to break the rules and if the usual time windows should be clean, then on New Year's parents are allowed to showcase their artistic talents. You can help your child to create a stylish image - dilute white and blue paint, draw and draw chalk outlines. The windows can be decorated with paper snowflakes or stickers - buy ready-made decorations or cut out of the ordinary paper napkin intricate figures.

Step 4:

Zadekoriruyte wall. If the walls hang pictures or images, the frame obveste tinsel wrap or smooth ribbons. On the free wall can create an entire composition, gluing great figures of Bible stories or New Year fairy-tale characters. Fasten on the walls and windows of a garland of colored light bulbs and use it instead of the light of a lamp.

Step 5:

On the ceiling fix "falling snow". Construct a "snow" from a small piece of cotton thread and long - short thread should be strung wool, fix all the elements on the two long threads. Pull the long garlands crosswise, fixing them on the curtains and the door jamb. Instead of cotton, you can use slices of tinsel - they need to string heap.