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New Year

How to dress your baby in the New Year

New Year - the most long-awaited and magical holiday. To begin to prepare him for a few days and sometimes weeks. Decorate the house, buying products for the holiday table, choose outfits, hairstyles, etc. For pleasant troubles do not forget about the children. After all, they believe that Father Christmas comes, carefully puts the presents under the tree and perform any cherished wish in the New Year night. It was during this celebration for children wants to be beautiful all.

How to dress your baby in the New Year

Instruction how to dress your baby in the new year

Step 1:

The main fun time to have children usually begins on December 25 and ends on January 7th. These days in kindergartens, schools, palaces of culture are pop stars, performances and other events. Children dress up in beautiful Christmas costumes. Girls often want to be the heroines of their favorite fairy tales: Snow White, Cinderella or a princess. Boys prefer at least briefly feel like a musketeer, a midshipman, Spider-Man, Superman, etc.

Step 2:

Parents in the pre-New Year period is to talk with your own child. Most adults do not want to spend money on an additional purchase for the kid and just clothe it in last year's costume or dress. It is worth thinking about, and will not spoil if the parent step Christmas spirit at their baby. After all, how he is dressed, it depends on its success with peers. And if the children something that is not like a suit of your child, unfortunately, it can affect his future life in a kindergarten or school.

Step 3:

If your baby eagerly tells you that in this new year does not want to dress up as a bunny, fox or a snowflake, it is not necessary to try to prove the opposite. In this magical holiday arrange your child to a real fairy tale. Let ordinary girl will be a while a beautiful princess, and the boy - a brave knight. It will raise the self-esteem of your child, it would be important for him later in life.

Step 4:

Discuss with your baby every detail of the dress. For example, if a girl wants to be a fairy, do not forget to buy a dress graceful wings, wand and tiara. Let her child to become a designer suit. He will tell you your dream, become a magician and a wizard for it. Then on New Year party your child will be proud to show your dress and say that it was he who came up with it.