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New Year

How to get a gift from Santa Claus

On the eve of New Year's fairy tale we want to believe everyone, especially children. And the greatest miracle for them - it is a gift from Santa Claus. Make a fairy tale reality forces parents. And in the most beautiful holiday of the year the child will be able to feel the magical mood of the New Year.

How to get a gift from Santa Claus

Instruction how to get a gift from Santa Claus

Step 1:

Write a letter to Santa Claus have grown. To do this, go to the official site, register and select from the catalog of a letter and a gift that comes in the mail before the New Year baby. The cost of such services is readily available. Santa Claus Post has safety signs, confirming the validity of the gift. Greetings from Santa Claus can be enjoyed on the Russian Post. The local post office from the catalog, select a congratulatory letter, gift or "Surprise from Santa Claus".

Step 2:

Your child longer believe in Santa Claus? You can write a letter to him. Know that it is not necessary for the English language. The official website of Santa Claus have to write in Russian. In response comes a message of congratulations and a small surprise. Pleasant service Western magician you must pay a small amount in euros. In addition to the letter to Santa online, you can choose a variety of souvenirs with the symbols of the New Year. By the way, the letter from the Western magician enjoyed not only children but also adults. Also on the site you can do to make the message indicating the moments of the life of a child, which only you know, that will help your child even more to believe in New Year's miracle. It's a letter to Santa will write on the beautiful form and attach a Christmas postcard.

Step 3:

I want unselfish miracles? Write a letter to Santa Claus, which lives in the Russian part of Lapland, in the territory of the Lapland Reserve. Grandpa carefully read all letters that can be sent to it for the entire year. He will respond to the letter, will talk about his life and miracles of the reserve. Write it needs at 184,506, Monchegorsk, Green Lane, 8. Be sure to make a mark "Santa Claus."

Step 4:

The wizard's residence in Veliky Ustyug can be accessed on a visit. There, in a carved mansion in the fantastic atmosphere of the child will receive a gift from the hands of Santa Claus. This trip will be an excellent gift for the New Year for all the family. For information on these services can be found on the official website of Santa Claus.